Low Maintanence Businesses

So you’re looking for low maintanence businesses eh? Are you lazy or something! Good! As long as we’re on the same page! I started using ebay to buy and sell for profit several years ago. You can see the strategy I used on How To Start A Profitable Ebay Business. However, the strategy I used wasn’t scalable. That was what was wrong. If I had carried on doing it I would still be browsing ebay for bargains today! I was searching for low maintanence businesses. I wanted something scalable that had huge potential.

What lit the fire in me was an ebay purchase I made of a downloadable ebook. It struck me as the perfect sales model – the ultimate sales machine! An automated website which took the money online and delivered the product without me even being there! This was the low maintance business model I was looking for.

Low Maintanence Businesses

low maintanence businesses

The model of selling online is a clever one. Automation is the way forward, especially if you’re looking for low maintanence businesses. I built my own ebooks and attempted to sell them online. I got caught up with the ‘how to’ initially and spent far too long learning how to build ebooks and websites to sell them. I didn’t know the full story and I actually wasted a huge amount of time. If anyone else had to go to the lengths I went to to discover what I now know, I would say don’t bother! Do something else!

Anyway, I persevered through all the problems and roadblocks to building a lucrative and sustainable internet business from scratch. Here’s a few things to avoid which will save you a heap of time and energy.

  • Don’t expect results overnight
  • Don’t build your own products – use someone else’s.
  • Stick to the plan, don’t deviate
  • Oh yeah, get a plan!
  • Choose the right products to sell (more on this later)
  • Concentrate all your efforts on learning how to market online
  • Don’t just learn, implement and quickly

Low Maintanence Businesses – The Affiliate Model

Affiliate marketing lets you ‘piggy back’ on someone else’s digital products so you can earn commissions on their sales. You can earn 40-50% commission on a digital product. See what is affilaite marketing. If you choose the right products you can also access:

  • Pre-built sales funnel
  • Pre-built email series
  • Landing pages
  • A ready made website (in just a few clicks)

The sales funnel is the ‘crux’ of the ‘low maintanence’ business I am about to share. I say ‘low maintanence’ (in quotes) because there is some learning to do initially. However, with an internet business much of the work has already been done and you can scale it using technology. Once everything is in place you can simply ‘up the anti’ without putting much more effort in. This is the power of the internet. Selling digital products online lets you automate the process and therefore it make it imminently scalable.

The Power Of A Scalable Business Model

Most people work for a salary. They earn money by putting in the hours. When you stop working, you also stop earning. By selling products over the internet you can earn from sales. The automation can allow you to sell products on autopilot. (See autopilot money making system).

The systems which enable you to do this are not limited by the hours in the day. Advertising to a global audience means you can earn from multiple sales simultaneously. Downloadable products are free to send and take up no storage space. This is why affiliate ‘vendors’ or owners can pay you nearly half the cost of their products.

Choosing The Right Digital Products To Sell

low maintanence businesses

Automation and digital products make for very nice low maintanence businesses. You can scale your advertising and sell largely on autopilot over the internet. You also have a global audience, providing you choose digital products, or those which can be shipped worldwide. Digital products, however, give you the largest commissions. Physical products tend not to because of their inherant costs of storage and postage.

So which digital products to choose? There are literally thousands of products on the internet which any affiliate can choose to sell. If we’re looking at low maintanence products you need to choose products which have an all round appeal. They should offer:

  • Training – Arguably the most important aspect of building an online business
  • Pre-made landing pages, products, email series and sales pages.
  • Tools and software to make your life easier.
  • High ticket affiliate products – to earn larger commissions on each sale
  • A range of back end products which you can earn from after the initial sale.
  • Membership products to give you a monthly income from each sale
  • A built in sales team closing sales on your behalf.
  • Multi-tier sales plan giving you commissions from your team

Access a free video email series and get started here.

Low Maintanence Business Ideas

Low maintanence business ideas should include automation and an online strategy for selling digital products. A good low maintance business may take some time to set up but once it is set up, it should be scalable. Many local businesses are limited by their location and ability to attract customers. With an online business and the right products you can market to a global audience and all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

No business can offer the same kind of automation and scalability as an internet based business. An internet based business can be operated from anywhere globally too, which makes it incredibly versatile. Learn more and access a video series here.

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