Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Living the laptop lifestyle is not quite so far fetched anymore. The internet can allow anyone now to earn a living which can surpass their previous wage, and do so from their laptop from anywhere globally with an internet connection. But how difficult is it to turn your life around and make this work for you? How much effort is involved in building a laptop lifestyle business. Can anyone do it or is it only for super achievers?

Living The Laptop Lifestyle

I began making money online by buying and selling items from the online auction site e-bay. Take a look at my article on how I made money with ebay first starting out. E-bay didn’t give me a laptop lifestyle however. I had a bunch of stuff in my house which I was listing and I had to be there to check on ebay messages and talk to customers and of course send out packages when they sold. I knew there had to be something better out there and I discovered a way to use my laptop without having to shift anything personally. Also it meant there were no customers to deal with and no messages to continually check up on.

living the laptop lifestyle

Living The Laptop Lifestyle – Affiliate Marketing

The model I found was affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you can sell digital products. Digital products can be instantly accessed online in the form of videos, pdfs, e-books or membership sites. By sending website visitors to landing pages (which are created for you) you can build a ‘hands off’ income stream with no direct customer involvement and with nothing to post. Even better is that this can be scaled up to reach a global audience with online advertising. Because digital products require no postage, storage or any staff they are very cheap to deliver. As such companies who offer affiliate products can pay the affiliate marketer (you) 40% commission on the sale price of any given product, sometimes more.

Affiliate Marketing – How Difficult Is It?

living the laptop lifestyle

When I started learning about affiliate marketing there was very little in the way of formal education on the subject. I jumped from one course to the next and wasted a lot of time trying various tactics. Fortunately you can now access an education platform with a community of like minded people on hand to help. Anyone can learn these tactics even with no technical ability. The education and step by step modules make it an easy and straight forwards process. However, it isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ type of scheme and it does take time and effort to learn and implement the information. How much time is different for everyone. Some have replaced their income within 6 months. Other can take over a year or two.

You will be able to access all the tools and information to generate a website in only a few simple steps. You can access tools which enable you to create and use existing landing pages, email follow up and of course affiliate products too. Access here to get started.

Living The Laptop Lifestyle – How Much Effort Is Involved?

living the laptop lifestyle

Like any business if you play at it it might give you some pocket money. Work hard at it and take it seriously and it can completely replace your income. You get out what you put in. The good thing about this business is the leverage which the tools and technology can give you. Systems and technology can automate much of the process so when it is all set up you can be bringing in leads and selling products all on autopilot. You will of course need to learn a lot before this is possible, and then implement this learning. Here are a few of the things which you will need to learn:

  • Setting up a website – this is fairly easy with a pre-built format
  • Writing a blog – You don’t have to do this but it is one method of generating traffic
  • Creating adverts using various online advertising platforms
  • Creating video content and uploading it – You don’t have to do this but it is one of many strategies
  • Building a list of subscribers

Much of the process of building an internet business has already been done for you.You can access the training modules and get started here.

You can start an internet business around any job and it offer great flexibility.

Living The Laptop Lifestyle – Can Anyone Do This?

living the laptop lifestyle


Anyone can learn to do this and it isn’t only for ‘super achievers’. You will need help though and a community of people to call on when you run into problems which you inevitably will! The training modules are there to make it easy for you. Make sure you complete each one before moving on to the next one. As Henry Ford rightly said “If you think you can or you can’t you’re right”.

An internet business which gives you the ability to work anywhere from a laptop and never have to work for anyone else again is quite an achievement. If this scenario motivates you and you can persevere through the difficulties, there is no reason why anyone can’t make a success of an internet business. It will take some time and effort on your part most definitely. However, what it can give you is the long term goal. Freedom both in terms of work pattern and flexibility to work around other commitments or priorities.

Living The Laptop Lifestyle – Access A Free Month Of Training

If you have read this far well done. You are more likely to succeed in this business than most will. To begin your journey to living the laptop lifestyle start here. Access a free month of business training. There is no risk and if you decide not to go ahead simply cancel your membership.

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