Leaving The Rat Race For The Simple Life

Ever thought about leaving the rat race for the simple life? Ever noticed how most of your life you’re actually wanting to be somewhere other than where you actually are? How will you feel about your life at the end of it?  Has your life been worth living? 

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

This quote by Mahatma Candhi has a lot to teach us. Most people are not living their lives in accordance with this ideology. We put up with a lot more than we want to in order to have the job we think we want to live the live we have been sold. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s a backwards way of living.


Leaving The Rat Race For The Simple Life

Most of us are trapped in unhappy circumstances not living according to our deepest wishes and desires. We have ‘bought’ a bill of goods and are about to spend our whole lives living it! But what is the ‘simple’ life? We have it much better now than ever before surely? We can travel the world, live anywhere and have unlimited opportunity. But it’s not making people happy. Why not?


leaving the rat race for the simple life

Distracted by the celebrities and colourful pictures on the television we aspire to something different on a near constant basis. Our being ‘off guard’ is allowing our lives to be controlled by the advertising companies who promote happiness through their products. Our minds are not at home. They are out there with the product slogans and the ideals of living a life far from what we currectly have. Keeping your mind at home and in a steady state of emotional stability and contentment is near impossible for most people. For many people their lives are too busy to see or materialise a way out of them towards a life of greater fulfilment and contentment.
leaving the rat race for the simple life

When You Have Too Many Choices

Too many choices can become overwhelming. It’s worse than not enough. If you dream of leaving the rat race for the simple life, consider the things you deem important for which you are presumably working for. Many of the luxuries we surround ourselves with are not needed at all. We have decided we need many things which we don’t. Maybe you are working in a job you hate in order to maintain the status quo? Whereever you are in life there are some simple strategies you can employ in order to prepare for leaving the rat race for the simple life.

Whatever lifestyle you have bought into can change over time. Being ‘easy’ with your problems is a simple way to loosen their power over you.

Doing Something You Love

leaving the rat race for the simple life

Many people have invested a lifetime in earning the income needed to support a life they wanted. They reach a point and decide they don’t want it any more. But they feel ‘stuck’ because they are living to their means. Doing something you love is a simple way to turn a lifestyle you hate into a much more pleasant one.

Leverage And The Internet

leaving the rat race for the simple life

Leaving the rat race for the simple life has become much more viable due to the internet. The internet has already enabled many to work from their laptops and earn more than they could have from their previous jobs. ONly a few years ago it was much more difficult than it is now to start up an internet based business with no experience. Learn more by accessing this free video series.

More Time

leaving the rat race for the simple life

An online business offers the ability to build a business which can be largely automated. This also allows it to be scaled up. Having a business running with automated tools like a websites, sales funnel, email autoresponders and online advertising means you can enjoy your life while still earning. Most incomes come from trading time for money. The internet offers a way out of this earning trap. Even in the highest paid careers, many feel disempowered and trapped because they need to keep turning up to work. Their income remains limited by the hours they work.

Leaving The Rat Race For The Simple Life

For many the ‘rat race’ is an uncomfortable daily grind of sitting in rush hour traffic, working with people you don’t like and repeating this process over and over. A life of choice is much better. Choosing how and when you spend your time and with who you spend time with is a luxury worth working for. Are you working towards freedom, peace of mind and greater flexibility in your life? If your life has become unbearable or is becoming so, take the time now to sign up for this video series and consider a different approach to the working model. 9 to 5 is becoming an arbitrary working model. The many who know this already, and who have built they way out of it, they will never have to work for a boss or do the 9 to 5 working week again.

If you would like to learn how you could be one of them watch this free video series and learn how to start your own business online.

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