Last Chance Careers

Late in life and looking for last chance careers? When life didn’t quite turn out as expected I found myself in a minimum wage job in my late 30’s. I knew I needed to do something else. I was literally picking up rubbish from the floor of a builders merchants. I knew I could do better. I had been self employed for most of my working life and I knew I didn’t want to face 9 to 5 hours and a boss. I was looking for last chance careers!

Last Chance Careers

I had done some ‘wheeling and dealing’ on ebay and thought of this. I had tried an ebay business sytem which I thought was pretty clever. See how to start a profitable ebay business. But it wasn’t really floating my boat. It took all my time up and I was growing tired of it. I wanted something simpler which meant I didn’t have to hold any stock, answer questions from customers or spend time queueing in the post office to weight items.

last chance careers

I had bought an ebook from ebay and the simplicity of the transaction struck me as pretty clever. I looked at a few clever small business ideas like this. What stood out about this business model was the automation of it. I had bought an e-book online and downloaded it after checking out on Paypal. There was no-one in the sales loop. This seemed to me like the perfect sales model. But it wasn’t until some years later that I realised what it would become.

Last Chance Careers – An Online Business

So I tried my hand at selling my own ebooks online. Much to my dismay, it wasn’t as easy as all that. I didn’t know what I was doing. After creating a downloadable ebook of my own, building a sales pages to sell it from and doing all the relevant linking to Paypal to automate the process I though I had it made! I had built a fully functional autopilot money generator. The problem was, it didn’t sell. not a single one!

last chance careers

What I didn’t know was what I didn’t know. The vast array of ignorance engulfing my mind was completely devoid of my awareness! I knew nothing of advertising online. I thought by making a website I would automatically be entitled to traffic. How wrong I was. Before long I gave up on the idea and became drawn into other projects. But I kept thinking about the ebook I had downloaded and paid for. It was such a simple system I couln’t let it go!

Last Chance Careers – Affiliate Marketing

Luckily for me I was blessed with a painstakingly stubborn and at times patient temprement – although admittedly not always! This kept me going on the idea and I put myself through many online courses and training programs which taught me different aspects of online marketing. The idea for the ebook eventually led me to find affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically a kind of referral marketing in which you get paid to refer customers to other people’s products.

Why other people’s products and not your own? Well, you can sell your own products online. But if someone has already created a product you can sell it for them for 40-50% in commission. This means you don’t even need to build your own products to make money online. The process is automated once set up and you simply refer customers to products by way of content or advertising. There are no customers to deal with and no products to handle personally. Websites and email do all the selling so your job is mainly to advertise online. With everything in place you can scale up your advertising and send multiple customers to a website where you can collect their email address.

From here they receive a number of emails and then are offered products and services. All this happens on autopilot so inherent in the system is incredible freedom and flexibility.

Last Chance Careers – An Ebook To A Lifestyle Business

last chance careers

So from a small idea about selling an ebook several years ago I found a lifestyle business model which can be used to create financial freedom and time freedom. This was always something I had dreamed about. I had had so much financial difficulty over a number of years. I wanted to put my energy into something which was life changing. In a job I would always receive the same income. With an online business you can scale it up and if you choose the right products and services, turn it into a scalable income.

Of course this takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, the internet can give you the automation and the flexibility to build a business around existing work. It can be scaled up and you can use systems, tools, technology and the internet to do much of the work for you. You are not trading time for money with a business like this. You can leverage websites, email autoresponders, landing pages and other tools and software to help you create more freedom and flexibility in your life.

It takes time to learn how to build an online business but it’s time well spent. It’s a skill which could change your life if you don’t give up and continue to learn and develop yourself along the way.

Time Is The Most Valuable Resource – Don’t Waste It!

It’s taken me 10 years to discover how to build a sustainable income from the internet. However, it doesn’t have to take you that long. You can do it quicker. Getting the right education upfront can save you all the time I ‘went it alone’. I spent a long time building things myself that I didn’t have to.

  • I built websites which can now be thrown up in a matter of minutes.
  • I built my own products whereas you can simply use other people’s
  • I went it alone and didn’t get properly educated
  • I jumped from one ‘system’ to another

Savey yourself all that time by accessing a proven education platform which will teach you:

  • How to sell the best digital products online.
  • Easily set up your own website (pre-populated with affiliate products)
  • Use a ready made sales funnel (don’t build your own)
  • Learn how to advertise online
  • Learn the fastest way to build your online business from scratch
  • Access a pre-made email series with a range of high ticket products and after sales service built in.

Learn more and access a free video series here.


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