Laptop Lifestyle Business

A laptop lifestyle business can offer the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. With a laptop and an internet connection, anyone can now learn the ability to sell products worldwide from their laptop. Why would they want to do this? Simply because it can give them more freedom than any other business model can.

Laptop Lifestyle Business

laptop lifestyle business

There’s two major models which can offer a laptop lifestyle business. These are drop shipping and affiliate marketing. Both models allow anyone to work from a laptop selling other people’s products. Why sell other people’s products? There’s a few reasons why the laptop lifestyle business models favour other people’s products. Firstly, most people don’t have something they can sell themselves. If they do it can be skill based or location based. One of the best things about an internet business is that it allows anyone to connect with a global audience.

To make the most of a laptop lifestyle business you need to have products which you can sell globally. This gives you a bigger opportunity to grow and scale your business. Think about how limited a local business is compared to a global business. With a local business you have only a limited number of people nearby who you can serve. With an interent based business you have a global audience.

To meet the needs of a global audience, your products need to be global too.

Laptop Lifestyle Buisness – Global Products

laptop lifestyle business

Global products are products which can be delivered globally, (in the case of drop shipping), or which can be automatically downloaded or accessed online – in the case of affiliate marketing. In both laptop lifestyle business models you, the seller, can connect people to the products. You can also do this from a laptop from anywhere globally. Hence the laptop lifestyle business.

Think about the potential of a global business you can run from anywhere.  The internet has opened up new possibilities which were previously closed. Before the internet, the only people who could sell internationally were the massive corporations with hugh advertising budgets. Now, anyone can use tools and technology to ‘tap’ into a gloabal audience with other people’s products.

Laptop Lifestyle Business – Which Products?

laptop lifestyle business

Which products you decide to sell has a massive impact on your success. There are are variety of companies you can partner with to promote and sell their products. If you choose an online business which uses the affiliate marketing model, you need to choose products which offer a number of benefits. For example, digital products offer larger commissions than the typical physical products you can promote on a site like Amazon, for example. Digital products can pay out up to and above 40% commissions. This is because with digital products, costs are much lower than for physical products.

Costs for manufacure and delivery with digital products are much less. Delivery of a digital product is next to nothing since it can be accessed over the internet. Digital products are either downloadable products or website membership areas which can be accessed remotely. They pay out more to their partners because their main cost is advertising. Affiliate marketers do the advertising for the companies who make digital products. Digital products which can also be sold through a sales funnel have a number of other inherent benefits too.

The Key To A Laptop Lifestyle Business

laptop lifestyle business

A sales funnel is a major key to a laptop lifestyle business. By using digital products you can sell them through an email marketing campaign. This means that simply by sending out an email, you can make sales digitally from a laptop from anywhere. This is possible by building an email list of subscribers.

The online marketers who have ‘cracked the code’ of the laptop lifestyle business, have built huge lists of subscribers. They can have huge ‘paydays’ by holding a single webinar, or sending out a single email. This is because they have spent time building up a list of email subscribers, offered value to their list and delivered digital products which can help their subscribers.

Online Marketing – Another Key Factor

laptop lifestyle business

Marketing is a major key to the success of an online business. If you want to own a laptop lifestyle business, and become successful, learn online marketing. Online marketing is the bridge between the customer and the product. To sell anything over the internet, you need to learn how to connect the two. To build up a list of email subscribers, you need to send people to a landing page and collect their email address. This is done with online advertising.

The online entrpereneurs who already have a huge list of subscribers have spent the time building that list. They do this by advertising directly to their most likely customers. This is another area of a laptop lifestyle business which needs your attention in order to become successful – marketing.

Direct response advertising is a method of online advertising which can be measured. As smaller business people, online entrepreneurs don’t have the budget or size of the larger ‘brands’ you see with huge billboards. As such they need to market their businesses slightly differently.

Direct Response Marketing – Another Online Success Factor

laptop lifestyle business

Direct response marketing is something all businesses should use to promote their business. It is a marketing tactic which can be targeted to a very specific audience. For example, Google’s Adwords advertising platform lets anyone target specific Google searches and show their advert for that search. By testing and measuring each aspect of a specific advert, the business owner can ‘tweek’ and cross test adverts against other similar adverts to find the best performing advert.

Google’s Adwords advertising platform can allow you to ‘turn on’ website traffic to a website immediately.

Once an advert is set up and running successfully, it can bring in customers over and over again for years to come. What’s even better is that once a successful campaign is set up, it can continue running without any further input. This makes paid advertising the perfect companion to a laptop lifestyle business. Having set up a sales funnel and email marketing system (set one up here), you can send targeted traffic to it from paid advertising.

Other Paid Advertising Techniques

Once you have set up and testing one method of advertising, you can set up many more. This can create multiple income streams. Facebook is another amazing advertising platform for a laptop lifestyle business. Facebook can let any marketer set up adverts targeted to people who are most likely to be interested in your business. For example you ca target people by their interests, age, and various other demographics.  Facebook can also target people by their location too. This makes it very easy to find your perfect customers, without spending huge amounts. Once you have found a working advert which makes consistent sales, you can increase your budget. You can also start from as little spend per day as you are comfortable with.

The Right Business Model – Laptop Lifestyle Business

The right business model can make a massive difference to your success with a laptop lifestyle business. Unless you use the right business model, your results can be very disappointing. Let’s say you use the sales funnel method and decide to sell digital products online. If you choose a digital product which only sells for $100, and you earn $40 on each sale, your advertising budget is severely limited by your potential profits. Unless your advertising cost per sale is less than the $40, you won’t even break even.

This gives you a very limited window of opportunity to test and ‘tweek’ your advertising budget. However, lets say you have a product suite instead of a single product. Your products sell for $1000 and $2000 giving you commissions of $400 and $800 for each sale respectively. This gives you much more ‘play’ in your advertising expenditure. You can afford to test and measure your advertising techniques for much longer, knowing you stand to earn much more from a sale.

If your product suite also has subscription products and high ticket items ranging up to $10-20,000, you have even more leverage in your business system. Having a range of product which you can sell and earn from in your sales funnel makes all the difference to your laptop lifestyle business success.

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