Jobs With Six Figure Incomes

There’s not many jobs with six figure incomes which don’t come with a lot of baggage! Most six figure jobs require a huge amount of training and investment just to be in the running. This is why an internet business is the perfect income source for anyone looking for jobs with six figure incomes. Not only can an internet based job give you the potential to earn six figures, it can also give you the freedom and flexibility which most careers don’t have.

Jobs With Six Figure Incomes – An Internet Business

An internet based business doesn’t guarantee you a six figure income. Income earned from affiliate marketing is performance related. You can also build your own products and services and use the internet to market them. The internet now enables almost anyone to join the ranks of the international marketers. No longer is global marketing the domain of the huge corporations with unlimited budgets. Now anyone can market globally and benefit from selling digital products and services.

Why Digital Marketing?

Why digital? Simply because digital products can be downloaded and used by anyone. There is no postage involved so this makes digital marketing very cost effective. Your online business can also be automated because there are no employees in the sales loop. Selling digital products on the internet can allow anyone to work for themselves, leverage their time with tools, systems and technology, and reach a global audience through their laptop.

Jobs With Six Figure Incomes – How Does It Make Six Figures?

jobs with six figure incomes

Not everyone makes a six figure income from internet marketing. For those who stick at it, there are some great rewards. There is a saying in digital marketing “The money is in the list”. The top marketers build an email list of subscribers and promote and sell products through that list. They do this by giving value and helping people, but also by selling digital products. By choosing the right products to sell and learning how to promote them, marketers can reach thousands of people with a single email. Once their list builds to the tens of thousands, their income rises faster. And there is no limit to how many people can subscribe to their list.

Jobs With Six Figure Incomes – The Right Products

Selling the right products online is a must. You must have the life time value of a customer in mind. Rather than selling a single item and then searching for other customers, smart marketers know the value of a single customer. Having a good line of products will mean your customers will buy again and again. You only need a handful of customers with the right business model. And you don’t need to keep looking for new ones all the time. Marketers who chase customers all the time to only sell a single item are missing the bigger picture.

Jobs With Six Figure Incomes – High Ticket Products

jobs with six figure incomes

Selling an item for $100 might make you $40 as an affiliate. But selling items for $1000+ will mean that for each sale you make $500+. It’s much easier to sell higher value items and make a six figure income, than it is to sell low value products. A product sold for $20,000 can make you $8000 from a single sale. Admittedly this might be harder to sell online. However, Which would be harder: selling 10 x £20,000 products to make $80,000, ( at 40% commission) or selling 2000 products at $100 for the same commission? When it comes to scaling up your business globally it also makes sense to sell the high ticket items.

Jobs With Six Figure Incomes – Membership Products

Some online marketers make the mistake of selling items for low cost thinking they will sell more of them. However, as we have seen in the above example, to scale an online business to six figures it is much better to choose high ticket products. It is also a good idea to sell membership products too. A member sale can bring you monthly commission each and every month. This is much better than a one off sale. Choose products with monthly memberships to promote and earning a six figure income from your online business is much more attainable.

Jobs With Six Figure Incomes – Paid Advertising

Paid advertising, or more specifically pay-per-click advertising has been an absolute game changer for marketers. For those who bother to learn, implement and test their market, this is the six figure opportunity. By paying only when someone clicks on your adverts, you can test and measure your advertising to the point where you are making a good return on investment for your sales. When this point is reached, and successfully maintained, you can simply scale up your advertising campaign to reach a global audience. This is very powerful and is what makes many millionaires today. By using this method in conjunction with digital or online products which have a global audience, you can have massive financial success online.

Jobs With Six Figure Incomes – The Right Training

Not everyone can make six figures from online marketing. It takes a lot of hard work and you must be prepared to test and measure your advertising. You will also need high ticket products and membership sales to make your business profitable. You can access a wealth of training, tools, software, community and mentors here. The proper training and advice will help make your online business a successful one in the shortest possible time. Get a month of FREE ONLINE TRAINING HERE.

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