Jobs that involve travel

I have always been interested in jobs that involve travel and have been lucky enough to travel abroad working with the film industry on a few occasions. The film industry is a great place to look for jobs working abroad but it can be difficult to get into and the work is never guaranteed.

Due to the nature of film and TV work I have always had to find other means of income over the years and this has led me to the internet as a means of supporting myself. The internet truly offers the perfect flexible job and career which can work very well with travelling and many online entrepreneurs choose an internet based income because of the flexibility it offers. See also escape the city jobs.

The laptop lifestyle

With an internet based business all you need is a laptop and an internet connection so you can work anywhere in the world which has access to the web. Many travelers blog about their travelling experiences and make money from their blog or websites. A good friend of mine is a seasoned traveler and has a number of niche websites which make a passive trickle income each. (See niche website ideas). He offers information on travelling, hotels and accommodation and airports and sells products and services such as car rental from his sites.

jobs that involve travel

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the perfect travelers job and pretty much anyone can become an affiliate marketer. If you already have a blog or website it is simply a matter of placing some code on your site to an affiliate product and you have a ‘virtual vending machine’ at your disposal. Once you have a site with products on it you simply bring visitors to your site either through advertising or providing content / blogging. Typically affiliate programs pay 40% of their cost to affiliates so you can earn good commissions from the sales. Once you have a good flow of traffic to your site you can make a regular income from continuing sales.

High ticket affiliate sales

Selling high ticket products allows you to make more money from each individual sale than you would by selling products with a lower value. It also means that your advertising costs can be offset and this opens up more possibilities for getting traffic to your website.

The power of leverage

Once you have a site and a product you can use the search engines to help people find your content or you can use paid advertising or both. Once you have made a few sales through your website you can put the income back into scaling up your business. You simply send more visitors through your sales funnel and make more sales. The beauty of the internet means that your product is not a finite resource and you can continue selling your ‘virtual’ products for an infinite number of customers all through the same sales funnel.

Learn how to become an affiliate marketer and create your own perfect flexible lifestyle.

For a free video series which will explain the power of sales funnels, affiliate marketing and high ticket products and how you can benefit from all these tools, follow this link.

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