IOT Business Ideas

Looking for IOT business ideas? An IOT (internet of things) business can be run from a laptop from anywhere.  As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can start a business on the net. But which business models are the best? What models are suitable for anyone and which are easy and cheap to start?

IOT Business Ideas

I first started out using the internet to earn money shortly after eBay opened its doors in 1995. eBay offers the ability to sell to a global audience and work for yourself from anywhere. You can set up a business listing and let it run, selling products again and again to multiple customers.

eBay Strategy Number 1

iot business ideas


Although I started with eBay by just listing items from my house, I quickly progressed to buying and selling in order to make a profit. As long as you can buy a product at a lower price then you sell it, you’re in business! One of the best models on eBay is buying in bulk from a wholesaler, and then selling individual items from a single listing.

This strategy has a number of benefits. Firstly you only need to create a single listing. As your sales come in, you start posting out your items. Of course you need to do your maths and work out how much you will need to buy, and what to sell them for, in order to make a profit. There’s huge competition on eBay which is the main downside. Buy from wholesalers like in bulk and sell individually.

eBay Strategy Number 2

One of the items I bought from eBay was an eBook. It showed the next strategy I’m about to share. There are thousands of IOT business ideas you can implement, and I’m sure my experience only scratches the surface. But when I first found this strategy I knew it had huge potential. I bought an eBook which I could download instantly from the auction site itself. Depending on where you live, you may have to produce a physical product to sell from eBay.

However, you can still sell a digital product which you have created. If you have to produce a physical version of this product, you can simply burn a CD from a computer and sell the CD from your eBay listing. Sell the same product over and over again. Here’s an example of a digital eBook about affiliate marketing. Although I’m giving this away, you can sell similar eBooks from eBay.

IOT business ideas

IOT Business Ideas – eBay Strategy number 3

Here’s a great little strategy you can use straight away to profit from eBay without having to buy in bulk or create your own products. Use a website to find badly listed eBay items. Then, re-sell them with a better listing and more keywords. Sites like, and all allow you to search eBay for badly listed items.

Once you have found a good product with a low starting bid, watch that item until the last minute. badly listed items don’t get the searches they should because no-one can see the listings. So, if the starting bid is low you can pick up some absolute bargains. Check out the full strategy here on my article: how to start a profitable ebay business.

IOT Business Ideas – Digital Products

After a lot of trial and error in trying to sell my own digital products, I found a business model known as affiliate marketing. This model lets you choose and sell someone else’s products over the internet. This can save you a huge heap of time and energy if you don’t have your own business or any products of your own to sell. Plus, if you choose the right products to sell, you can earn a lot more too. Reach a global audience and work from anywhere using affiliate marketing.

iot business ideas

Digital products in particular pay out up to 40% commissions on sales. You don’t even need the product to sell! Selling digital products on the internet is one of the most popular IOT business ideas on the internet. Businesses which are already making a profit, use affiliate marketers to help grow their reach online.

Choosing products which offer high ticket sales and ongoing commissions can mean you earn continual income from each sale you make. Access a 7 day video series and learn more here.

IOT Business Ideas – Knowledge Is King!

iot business ideas

The internet is also a means to sell either products, yourself or knowledge. If you already have a business, you can use the internet to find customers. If you have a knowledge of online marketing skills, you can use this to set yourself up as a business marketing consultant. Use marketing knowledge to set yourself up as:

  • A music/language teacher
  • A handyman
  • A Marketing consultant
  • An SEO specialist
  • A content marketing specialist

Learn how to sell anything online with this online training and education platform.

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