Internet Startup Ideas

Are you looking for some internet startup ideas? A good internet based business can offer you time freedom, flexibility and the ability to scale your business. You can work from a laptop from anywhere, choose your own working hours and build your business up around existing commitments. But what’s the catch? The catch is you are working for yourself with a model like this. It’s not a job, it’s a business.

Internet Startup Ideas

Starting an internet based business is no different to starting a normal ‘bricks and mortar’ business in essence. It has, however got a lot more going for it in many ways. For starters an internet startup can be a lot cheaper. With a normal physical business you have a lot more in terms of overheads. The internet offers a cheap way to start without needing any employees, premises or stock to buy. How does this work? By selling other people’s products.

Internet Startup Ideas – Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping

internet startup ideas

Both these models have the benefit of using other people’s products. With both affiliate marketing and drop shipping you send customers to products and services which another companiy delivers. Your main job in both of these businesses is marketing. See my guide The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

Your job is to send qualified leads to your website (or the companies website). The process of selling and delivering goods and services is taken care of by another company. Even customer service is organized for you. You earn commissions based on sales you make. The main benefit of internet startup ideas like these is the automation and the scalability.

Internet Startup Ideas – Automation and Scalability

internet startup ideas

There are other business models online of course. In my article how to start a profitable ebay business, I share another internet startup idea. However, the model I share in this article is not scalable because you are in the system. It requires a constant effort on your part.

Scalable models are far better for a number of reasons. Obviously you can make more money with a scalable model. But they also mean you don’t have to trade time for money, as in the traditional working model. Any model which requires you to trade your time for money, and isn’t scalable, will limit your ability to earn. A scalable model may take time initially to set up, but once they systems are in place you can increase your earning power without having to increase your work load. 

Models like the two main ones I have shared (affiliate marketing and drop shipping), both allow you to scale up once you have your marketing in place and working. This takes time to do of course but it’s well worth your time. Considering many jobs take years to learn and never give you the kind of freedom which can be obtained from a scalable internet business, it’s well worth learning.

Internet Startup Ideas – Types Of Marketing

Both affiliate marketing and drop shipping allow you to automate most of the process. Simply send customers to a website where everything else is taken care of for you. The only part of the process (once everything is set up) to do is then marketing. There are several ways to market a website. The two main ways people get traffic to their websites (or landing pages) are paid advertising and content creation.

Content Creation

Content (like this article) takes time to create and then more time before people find it. You can create videos, podcasts, webinars etc. The list goes on. The more people you can connect with the products you promote, the more you stand to earn. By creating content regularly, over time you should build a steady stream of targeted buyers to your automated website (providing you do it right). This can have a compounding effect and your sales can increase exponentially. Creating content takes time but is far cheaper than paying for advertising.

Paid Advertising

internet startup ideas

Paid advertising is fast. You can set up a pre-built website which already has products and services built in, send paid traffic to it, and start making sales very quickly. By using an opt-in landing page you can also collect subscribers. This gives you more chance of selling later on, by building your customer’s interest. (More on this later). Paid advertising is a super fast way to earn from your automated website.

However, there’s more to lose in the way of cash. You shouldn’t just set up an advertising campaign, leave it running and expect to be in profit. You need to carefully test every element of your campaign. Cross test adverts against each other. Test out different demographics for the best results. Don’t expect instant profit just by setting up an advertising campaign.

Start with a small daily budget and slowley build it up over time. Test and measure it with little amounts until you get a positive result. The online marketers who claim to spend millions on advertising didn’t start out that way. They started with a tiny daily budget and found a profitable campaign before scaling it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best online marketing ‘apps’ available. By using email marketing to sell products over the internet you can reach more people and automate much of the process. Used in conjunction with paid advertising and an automated online business model which does the selling and delivering for you; email marketing allows you to reach a larger target audience and build a relationship with your list of subscribers.

internet startup ideas

You can also automate much of the process of communicating with your list and send out thousands of emails at once. Top marketers use email lists and affiliate products. They send out single emails with links to online products. Once they have built a list of thousands of subscribers, and built a relationship with the list, they can sell products through their emails. Imagine a list of 10,000 active subscribers who are all interested in your products. A single email could mean a very nice payday! Of course a list like this isn’t built overnight.

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