Internet Royalties Loophole

Is it possible to take advantage of an internet royalties loophole, to earn money from work done previously?

Anyone who knows anything about royalties knows that it’s the best way to earn. You earn royalties from work you’ve already done. Authors, actors and directors are just a few of the types of careers where people can earn money from their previous work.

What most people don’t realise though, is that there’s a new opportunity to make royalties – from an internet royalties loophole!

Internet Royalties Loophole

internet royalties loophole

Royalties are paid to people for their previous work which can be sold again and again. Best sellers are a great example. Authors can continue earning from books they have written years ago. Take a loot at what JK Rowling has earned from her books, film deals and merchandise.

For most people this isn’t a current reality. If you don’t see yourself an an author, actor, successful musician or film director, where does it leave the rest of us? The internet royalties loophole isn’t actually a loophole as such. It’s a real thing. Anyone can start to earn money from the internet, which can continue to grow over time with the right business model.

Internet Royalties Loophole – Affiliate Marketing + Residual Sales

internet royalties loophole

If you’ve heard of affiliate marketing you’ll know you can earn money by selling other people’s products over the internet. What even better is if you can sell subscription products which offer multiple ways to earn:

  • Up-sells – By choosing online products to promote, anyone can earn an ongoing commissions from sales made later by someone else! Even if you don’t make the sales personally, a built in sales team can close sales from which you earn commissions.

An ‘up-sell’ is basically a sale made to an existing customer. McDonald’s have their slogan “Do you want fries with that?”. That’s an up-sell. Even though it’s only a few pennies (or cents), over the whole business worldwide, McDonald’s will make massive more profits by using the ‘up-sell’.

What Does This Mean To You?

internet royalties loophole

An online business model lets you sell products and earn 40% commissions. However, this isn’t ‘royalty income’. It’s a commission for a sale. But, with the right products, you can continue to make commissions, without doing any more work. That’s if you choose to sell products which offer ongoing value. (Up-sells, subscriptions, multi-tier sales).

Even with commissions sales though, you’re still benefitting from the automation of an online business. This is definitely a smarter way to work because you have scalable systems which you can use to automate online sales.

Plus you can also earn commissions from Multi-Tier sales. Multi-tier means you can earn from the sales of your team. Sales made previously, can continue earning you money for years to come. It’s a form of royalty based income which anyone can tap into.

Subscription products also offer a form of royalty based income. Selling subscription products on the internet means you can continue earning from a sale you made once. 

You don’t need to be tech savvy or of a certain age to be able to learn these skills either. Anyone can learn.

Internet Royalties Loophole

An internet business is still a business of course. It’s not some magic push button system. You’ll still need to roll your sleeves up and work hard at it! However, an internet business benefits from a number of things which set it apart from having to continually trade time for money in a job.

internet royalties loophole

  • Digital products – Using other people’s digital products means you can access a global audience. The internet lets you tap into a global audience and sell products to leverage your time
  • High Ticket Items – High ticket digital products let you earn 40% commissions on products costing $2000+. This makes it more scalable and paid advertising is more accessible.
  • Multi-Tier Sales – Earning commissions from your referrals
  • Up-Sells – Up-sells mean you can earn later commissions for sales you have made previously
  • Subscription products – Let you earn an ongoing commissions for membership and subscription based products
  • Built in sales team – This means you don’t have to personally close sales yourself. This makes an online business an attractive concept for anyone. Sales are closed automatically and you don’t need to be ‘salesy’ to do it! Nor do you even need to hold products or speak to customers.
  • Scalable System and Automation – Selling other people’s digital products online allows you to automate sales and scale up with online advertising methods. If you want to be free, you need to learn these skills!

Internet Royalties Loophole – Start Your Own Online Business

You can also check out my other article loopholes to make money online. Anyone can start an online business and it doesn’t matter what age they are or their technical experience. If you can operate an email, you can learn how to use some basic tools and build an online business. Initially you’ll need to set up a website and sales funnel with a range of products within it to sell. Click the image below to see how easy this actually is:

internet royalties loophole

Internet Royalties Loophole – Disclaimer

Don’t forget though, royalties are paid on a performance basis. You’ll need to build a solid business first and scale it up before you’ll see commissions coming in from multiple areas. Once you build a team, you can benefit from commissions made by their sales.

This kind of income can be likened to a royalty. Plus, you can earn from subscription products. Subscriptions can pay you over and over again for the lifetime of a customer. These are the kinds of products you would ideally like to choose, although what you decide to sell online is ultimately up to you.

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