Internet Marketing Strategies PDF

Download this entire article “internet marketing strategies PDF” by clicking on this link. There are various internet marketing strategies available to use. You can use these strategies for an existing business or to sell other people’s products. Learn more about selling other people’s products in what is affiliate marketing.

Internet Marketing Strategies PDF

internet marketing strategies

Internet Marketing Strategy number 1


how to find small business owners

The first strategy in this internet marketing strategy pdf is using Google’s free business listings service. Yahoo and Bing also have a similar service. Google’s Places is the first place you should visit if you have an existing business in a local area. Places is a free listing service provided by Google and lets you place your local business there. You can also use a home address to verify the listing too, if your business operates from your home or surrounding area.

Simply visit Google Places and set up an account. You will need to verify your listing via a PIN code which will be sent to your address. This should arrive within a few weeks of creating your listing. Once verified your listing will appear on the Google search engine.

Google Places is a ‘must use’ for local businesses. It’s free and you can get a lot of business from it in your local area. Once you have set up a Google Places account do the same for Yahoo and Bing. Although terms constantly change it’s worth looking at these forms of advertising. Just do a search for Yahoo local listing on Google and do the same for Bing to find out more.

Internet Marketing Strategy Number 2

internet marketing strategies pdf

Article marketing is a great cheap strategy and helps you to rank your site on Google and promote your business. You can also share content on social media and tap into search queries which match your business. Using Google’s free keyword search tool you can find keyword combinations which people already search for and which match your potential customer’s needs. By sharing content which helps and informs, you can create a social sharing of your content. Ideally it would go viral and your business would boom, in the best case scenario.

There’s various tactics within the area of article marketing. Some marketers advocate writing a intriguing title such as leading questions and “how to’s”. “10 reasons to pack in your job right now!!”, for example, or “How I came to be working from home and earning gazillions per hour!”

You can also target long tail keywords in your titles. Long tail keywords are good because they are much less competitive than their shorter tail, and more popular, keywords. Although you don’t get as many searches for these kinds of keywords, you are much more likely to rank for them on Google, or any other search engine. Writing good quality content is the best tactic whatever you do. People will share amazing stories and great content. They won’t share rubbish. So make sure your content is the best out there to make the most from article marketing. You can also use article marketing websites like Ezinearticles. Ezine Articles let people share your content providing they keep your bio in it – (a link to your site). The more links you get the better for your overall website authority and traffic. More on links later.

I have also written an ebook which explains how to do keyword research in more detail: Niche Blogging For Profit.

As an example, this internet marketing strategies pdf is a piece of content and a PDF. I have targeted this article for the long tail keyword “internet marketing strategies pdf” in the hope that it will rank on Google.

Internet Marketing Strategy Number 3

internet marketing strategies pdf

Creating video for YouTube is another important strategy to be included in this internet marketing strategies pdf. Some marketers do nothing but create video for YouTube. Even without a business already, you can join Google’s Adsense program and monetise your YouTube account with adverts. Each click earns you a small commission. Get thousands of daily views and you can earn a nice passive income.

Creating video is a great thing to do for existing businesses too. You can connect with a wider audience and showcase your products and services. Create videos which will help and inspire. For ideas about keyword to title your videos just type into the YouTube search bar the main keywords of your business. You should see that search terms are shown below of what people are already searching for. By using these terms in your titles, description and keywords, you can a good ranking in the video listings.

YouTube also uses data which shows how popular certain videos are. They can see if people watch all the way to the end of the videos. The most popular videos tend to be under 10 minutes long. I wonder what this says about the average attention span! They are also tagged with their keywords and have useful and interesting content.

Getting a video ranked on YouTube for some good keywords within your business industry can bring in customers (for free) for years and even decades to come.

This internet marketing strategies PDF is intended to give you an ‘overview’. Of course there is always more you can learn. You can also access my ebooks Niche Blogging For Profit and The ultimate Guide To Online Marketing by signing up to my video series.

Internet Marketing Strategy Number 4

internet marketing strategies pdf

Link building is a great way to generate traffic to your website while at the same time increasing your overall website authority. I have never been that great at link building personally as I find it the most difficult part of internet marketing. However, if you’re not a fan you can outsource your link building efforts. I use to outsource my link building to various websites. I also write articles on sites link to generate links back to my website. Ideally you should link only from sites which have something in common with yours. If your website is about fitness then fitness related sites should be chosen. You can approach other websites in your niche and offer to write articles in exchange for a link back to your site. Guest blogging is the best way to do this and some sites will offer this. You can also comment on forum posts in order to get a link from some authority sites.

Commenting on similar blogs and forums within your industry has a two fold benefit. You can pick up some visitors from a popular blog who see your comment and follow your bio back to your website. At the same time Google and other search engines will see your site as more of an authority as it’s link profile build naturally over time.

Especially if those links are from authority site within your business niche. Be careful about paying for links and building links too quickly. Google can penalize you for this because it sees it as unnatural and therefore fake link building. Ideally people will link to your content and share it anyway. This is why your content should be of the highest standard.

Internet Marketing Strategies Number 5

internet marketing strategies pdf

An internet marketing strategies PDF wouldn’t be complete without paid advertising. Paid advertising is a huge topic so for internet marketing strategies number 5 we will discuss Google Adwords. Google Adwords allows you to target keywords relevant to your business and show adverts to people searching for those terms. It’s an amazing form of advertising and one you should definitely be focused on at some point. You don’t need to be a millionaire either to use the advertising platform and you can start with a tiny budget to figure it all out. Set your budget from as little as £1 a day if you like.

I cover Google Adwords in more detail in my ebook “The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing”. You can get it here.

Google Adwords is a real gem. It has made many people very wealthy and anyone can use it. However, most people don’t know how to use it which is why it’s well worth investing your time to figure it out. The real power of Google’s Adwords platform is in its reach. It’s a global platform and once you get a campaign doubling your money you can scale up massively. Top internet marketers spend thousands every day on Adwords.

They don’t start here but when you spend half what you get back it only makes sense to keep spending more. Getting to the point of spending half of what you make is a matter of testing and measuring your advertising campaigns. You can also cross test your adverts against each other to find the best performing advert. By making subtle changes in your adverts and targeting those people who are most likely to purchase from you and become customers, you can get a good return on investment.

Many businesses rely only on this method of traffic generation, so it’s well worth your time. It is also scalable which puts it above other methods in many ways.

Internet Marketing Strategies Number 6

internet marketing strategies pdf

Facebook is another superb advertising platform which can completely transform your business, no exaggeration. Facebook lets you target people down to their age, interests, social groups, sex, hobbies and various other demographics. This is an internet marketers wet dream!

Get Facebook advertising right and you can leverage the internet to build your business. Again you can start small. You can set a budget of as little as £5 per day! To use Facebook’s advertising platform you will need a normal Facebook account and to open an advertising account with a credit card. Start here. There’s lots to learn but it is beyond the remit of this internet marketing strategies PDF to go into detail. You can learn more by opening an account and getting started. Or get my ebook for more detail here.

Internet Marketing Strategies Number 7

internet marketing strategies pdf

Retargeting is another fantastic method of internet marketing. Facebook and Adwords both offer retargeting. With retargeting you can show adverts to people who have already visited your website. When they leave your site a cookie is placed on their computer. As they browse around the internet this follows them and you can show them your advert to remind them of your business. Your advert can show on any website on the internet which has a Google Adsense advert on it. This means you advert can show on top authority websites and ‘follow’ your potential customers around.

You may have seen this strategy at work already. Have you ever been looking for something on a website to purchase, left the website and then noticed that same item following you around the web? Well that’s retargeting and it hugely powerful. Even if your visitors don’t click on your advert, they still see you. You can create an omnipresent business which is continually being shown to your most likely customers.

See my guide for more on this here.

Internet Marketing Strategies Number 8

Other paid for social media platforms also offer targeted advertising. Linkedin, Twitter and many other sites also offer similar services to Facebook and Google. Bing is a good one and costs slightly less than its more popular counterpart. Yahoo also offers pay per click advertising too.

All these other platforms are worth investigating. However, work on getting one working for you before moving on to the next. Ultimately you can have several plates all ‘spinning’ bringing in your new customers on a constant basis. Once you have set up and tested a campaign on one platform, you can simply leave it running. The move on to the next one.

Internet Marketing Strategies Number 9

An internet marketing strategies PDF wouldn’t be complete without a mention of social media. The must be thousands of tactics on social media to build a following and then increase your customers as a result. Just having a social media presence on the various accounts can help too. Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are the main ones but there are literally hundreds more. Having a Facebook page for your business is a good method of building a social following and sharing updates, pictures and news of your business. You will also need a Facebook page to promote your business through Facebook adverts.

Twitter can also be used to connect with other people in your business niche. By following people who are leaders in your field you can also pick up some of their followers too. A strategy I tried for a while involved following the followers of business leaders in your line of business. Since they already show an interest in your business niche, they are likely to be interested in your products too right?

Another strategy to finish off this internet marketing strategies PDF is a simple one from YouTube. Simply comment on popular YouTube videos in your niche. Make your comments stand out in some way but obviously without breaking any terms and conditions of YouTube. One of my mentors suggested going ‘against the grain’ slightly in order to stand out. You will also need an account with a link to your website.

As people see your comment they will gravitate to your profile and often visit your website too. 20 comments a day is a good start and over time this can bring in a number of leads to your business. This is especially useful with digital businesses which are global. For local businesses this is not so useful.

Internet Marketing Strategy Number 10

internet marketing strategies pdf

Yes I’ve saved the best till last. This should be number 1 really but I was never one for convention! The last idea in this internet marketing strategies PDF is number 10 - email marketing. Yes email marketing is definitely something you should employ in your business. Email lets you collect your potential customers email and keep in touch over weeks months and years. You should always have an offer on your website which lets your visitors subscribe.

Collecting email addresses lets you send your subscribers offers and discounts. People don’t always want to buy from a website. However, if they remember you as someone who has given them value over and over again, they are more likely to purchase from you, even years after they have subscribed. If you have a digital product to sell, you can also sell it to thousands of people at once through a single email.

To build an email list you need an email autoresponder and a website or landing page to collect emails from. You can access all these tools and learn how to build an online business from scratch here.

Access my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing here.

You can also access Niche Blogging For Profit here.

I hope you have found this article Internet Marketing Strategies PDF useful.


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