Internet Marketing Coaching Mentoring

Are you looking for internet marketing coaching mentoring? Internet marketing has become a huge source of revenue for many companies both on and offline. Everyone in business can benefit in some way from internet marketing. If you have a business, even if it is only a small business, you are definitely leaving money on the table if you haven’t started learning how to do some internet marketing for your business, or employed someone to do it for you.

Internet Marketing Coaching Mentoring

Many on and offline businesses falter through lack of proper understanding of marketing. They don’t get the right education from the start in their businesses and give up long before they see any tangible results. The lifeblood of any business is customers and with internet marketing that means advertising. Without any customers you can’t make any money. Without people knowing about your business you can’t build your customer base.

Internet Marketing Coaching Mentoring – Meet Stuart and Jay

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek operate an online marketing, coaching and mentoring program for online marketers. The course they offer is suitable for anyone wanting to learn these skills but is directed mainly towards those who want to build a full time internet business for themselves, in order to have more freedom and flexibility in their lives. Access their video course here.

internet marketing coaching mentoring

Online Advertising Tactics

Much like the Yellow Pages used to be the ‘go to’ method for finding businesses and services, the internet has now virtually replaced this directory – no pun intended! If you are not advertising on the internet, and your competitors are, you will be losing business to them. Advertising is costly, yes, but not as costly as letting your business go under. Here are a few advertising tactics which you can use to super target your audience and spend your money wisely. If you’re on a limited budget, you can also set your daily limit accordingly.

Internet Marketing – Google Adwords

Here’s a short video explaining how you can place an advert with Google which comes up only in your specific region. This is useful if you have a local business and want to target people who are nearby. Of course if your business is international you can also target specific keywords in order to make your listing more effective and targeted. See why is target market important.

Internet Marketing Coaching Mentoring – A Global Audience

The internet now allows anyone to reach a global audience. Anyone can start a business tomorrow and do this, given the know-how. This was unheard of only a short time ago. It was reserved for only the huge companies who could afford a global marketing campaign. What this means is that in conjunction with a business model known as affiliate marketing, anyone can start selling products online, anywhere in the world.

Internet Marketing Coaching Mentoring – Affiliate Marketing

Internet marketing has changed the way people do business. It is now hugely important for businesses of all kinds, but none more so than with affiliate marketing. The affiliate business has allowed many people to leave their jobs and make a full time income from the internet. They can do this without even having a product of their own, sales experience or even a huge marketing budget.

Affiliate marketing is basically the referral business. By referring people to various products and services on the internet, affiliates can make 50% of the items cost without having to hold any stock, buy any items themselves or talk to any customers.

Affiliate Marketing Model

So how can companies afford to pay affiliates 50% of their margin? The answer lies in downloadable products. Some affiliate companies only pay their affiliates a fraction of this amount. Companies such as Amazon have a much smaller mark up. However, companies which offer membership websites, can pay this much because the affiliates are finding their customers. They don’t need any stock to send out because it is mostly automated and accessed online. Affiliates then, are doing the work of advertising for the vendors (owners of affiliate products).

Internet Marketing Coaching Mentoring

Learn more about internet marketing coaching and mentoring by watching  this video series which explains the concepts behind building a sustainable internet business from scratch. Learn how to market online with platforms like Facebook and Adwords.


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