Internet Entrepreneur Ideas

Looking for internet entrepreneur ideas? The internet is the perfect place for entrepreneurs. With a global audience, digital products and smart online marketing, anyone can no build a business from home with the right know-how. But where do you start? You can create your own products or sell someone else’s. Here’s a few things you should know before you make a decision.

Internet Entrepreneur Ideas

internet entrepreneur ideas

I had the idea to buy and sell from Ebay when I first started looking to the internet for ideas. Have a look at my article about how I made money from ebay first starting out. Ebay is a great platform to buy and sell from. The best method is to set up multiple single platforms which each sell multiple items. Competing on price can be tricky with ebay because of the power sellers who can afford to buy in huge amount. You still have to post off items and buy stock.

After a while of doing ebay I realised there was a limit to what I could do. I was constantly posting items and relisting them. I’m not saying I had the best method, but I knew it. It was limited. When I bought a few items from ebay and got them instantly, I knew this was the business model I wanted to get into. The rules have changed since and, in the UK anyway, you need to post something out physically in order to have it listed. But digital download products caught my eye and I realised this was how to build a business you could scale.

Internet Entrepreneur Ideas – Digital Products

The beauty of digital products is that you can set up all the working parts of a sales system, and let it work for you selling and delivering products on autopilot. See autopilot money making system. You simply drive traffic (visitors) to a sales page. The sales page does the ‘selling’ and visitors can access either digital products to download or some kind of membership platform from which they can get some value.

The first time I bought such a product was from ebay. It was one of those “How I Make Money On Ebay” courses. It was just an ebook pdf which I could download. I learned how to use to find badly listed items on the auction site, relist them better, and make a profit. I explain the system I used in this article.

What struck me about digital products was the automation. There was no need to hold stock, talk to customers or deliver any products personally. This idea lit a fire in me which never went out! Digital products were the way to go!

Affiliate Marketing And Digital Products

At the time of this ‘discovery’ I was buying and selling on Ebay, using the system I mentioned earlier – basically buying low selling high! The rule change on Ebay in the UK meant that you couldn’t offer digital products any more without having something physical to post out. This led me to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing lets anyone point a link to someone else’s product or service and make money from a sale. I made some of my own products too but completely failed to sell them! I wasted a lot of time too, going about things in a very disorganized manner. Trial and error is not a good business model online. There’s too many shiny objects and too much distraction online. You could waste a lifetime trying to make money online if you go about it that way.

The Right Digital Products

internet entrepreneur ideas

The problem with many digital products is that they don’t offer lifetime commissions. This never occurred to me when I began my venture into affiliate marketing. You sell a product and make $50. But that’s it! You need to sell over and over again. The product owner makes the sale and gets the customer. They then have the opportunity to sell to that customer again and again. However, you don’t make any more commissions even if you referred that customer initially. Even though you get something like 40-50% of the sale, compared to the lifetime value of a customer, this is very little.

The Apple Business Model

Apple’s business model has many products. Most people can afford an apple product. From MP3 players to macbook computers and televisions, apple caters for many consumers’ budgets. By promoting digital sales which also have a variety of products you can also benefit from later sales and from the lifetime of a customer. Also, consider choosing products which offer the following benefits:

  • Monthly commissions – A ‘one off’ sale is not as good as selling a membership product. With memberships you make commissions each month for a single sale.
  • High Ticket Products – High Ticket products offer the customer more value for a larger priced item. By offering these you can scale much easier and offset advertising costs more easily.
  • Built in sales team – Passing customers to products with a built in sales team means you benefit from up-sells which are closed by sales people. You don’t have to sell personally and can concentrate on generating leads.

The Right Education

Jump starting your internet business starts with the right education. You need to know what to do for maximum profits and which activities lead to your online success. Without the right mentor you can easily find yourself down a rabbit hole repeating meaningless activities which don’t produce any tangible results. Getting the right ‘know how’ and investing in your online education is the very first thing you should do when considering an online business. Everything starts from what you know,  think you know or don’t know!

Get the right education and start an online business which has:

  • High ticket commissions
  • An online education platform
  • Built in sales team
  • A range of products and lifetime commissions for your referrals.

Get started here.

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