So the internet business..what’s that involve exactly?

So many times I get asked about my internet business so here I am writing to explain what exactly it is. How exactly do you make money and what do you do day to day?

Firstly I started looking into affiliate marketing several years ago when I needed an extra income to balance out the film work which I would get sporadically. I needed an income stream which I could pick up and drop at a moment’s notice. Working without a boss and on my own steam was what I wanted and I had the time to put in and needed the flexibility of a ‘job’ that I could do for myself.

I learned a few techniques building websites in order to sell other people’s products – this is affiliate marketing. Selling products from Amazon or Ebay is something everyone can do simply by joining the affiliate programs of these companies. However they will need a platform to bring in visitors and send them through to the products. This is where a blog or a website comes in.

Thousands of people now write blogs on a regular basis – blogging or writing about things which interest them and for which they have a passion. They write their blogs and bring in visitors to their sites through various means like Google, Facebook and other social networks. People visit their site or blog and are presented with certain relating products or services. If they go on to buy these products or services, then the owner of the blog/site will earn commissions based on that sale.

One friend of mine who has an online business sells car hire through his site and earns weekly commissions based on these sales. The key factor in building sites like these is getting enough visitors to them in order to make the sales, and of course your content needs to be compelling enough to drive customers through your site.

Once you have a site up and running and making a profit from affiliate commissions, you can either create many more of these ‘niche’ sites or pay to advertise them. Providing you are earning more than your advertising, you are on to a winner!

For a long time I created ‘niche’ websites which would rank on Google and provide a free source of traffic. However, this has become more and more difficult to replicate and there is a lot of work involved now in ranking sites high on Google. Particularly with recent updates which have made it harder to rank smaller sites.

internet business

Despite having some success with my ‘niche’ sites I continued to look elsewhere for more information on building a sustainable internet business and I was lucky enough to find the SFM. The Six Figure Mentors showed me how to scale an internet business through advertising and the main reason this was possible was because of the high ticket sales. Previously the products I have sold have been around the $100 mark which meant I made around $40 on each sale. The SFM have products which sell for up to $20,000 which is a real game changer as far as advertising budget goes.

It means that one sale can not only cover an advertising budget but also put you immediately in profit and able to scale up your advertising budget.

So what are these products which I sell? The Six Figure Mentors have put together an exclusive community of entrepreneurs who are led by co-founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. They offer training courses which teach the affiliate marketing model and hold conferences around the world personally teaching the specific skills they have used to build a ‘hands off’ internet business.

You don’t need to travel to these conferences although they are available for their members and training courses are recommended. Instead they are offering the opportunity to learn from your own laptop or home computer how to build a full time internet business within 3-6 months which can completely replace your current income. Anyone with the drive to succeed can accomplish this. There are just a few skills which you will need to learn.

The SFM offers a means to not only sell high ticket commissions but also to build a business on monthly membership commissions and other affiliate sales. The tools needed to build an internet business such as auto-responders and landing page builders can also bring in commissions once you have joined their affiliate schemes and promoted them.

The internet offers a means for anyone to learn a set of new skills and build an automated sales funnel which they then promote. Once set up this funnel can work day and night bringing in new visitors and making sales to a certain extent ‘on autopilot’. This leverage allows the scaling of your business which is only limited to your own individual budget.

On a daily basis affiliates can do anything from content creation via blogs or videos or creating adverts to direct traffic through any number of advertising platforms on and off-line.

To learn more about the Six Figure Mentors, high ticket commissions and affiliate marketing, click this link for a free 7 day boot camp series of videos.

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