Internet business models, ideas and strategies

There are many internet business models, ideas and strategies which almost anyone can copy and repeat to make a successful online business. But what really matters when the chips are down with an internet business, and can anyone really make a success out of the internet when countless thousands and possibly millions fail?

It is all very well having a business model to copy in principle, but what separates those who succeed online from those who fail? What is the fine line between the two people who follow the exact same path, and one goes on to create a full time successful and profitable online business, and the other continues to struggle and eventually gives up altogether?

One possible answer is mindset and this separates not just online marketers and business people, but entrepreneurs in general from those seeking an easy path but are not prepared for what is really needed. Every online success started right at the beginning and had to overcome many difficulties along the road. They stuck at it because their belief was greater that the obstacles in front of them. There are always problems when starting something new, the difference between those who arrive and those who give up is only in the giving up! Michael Jordan “I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed”


Many will blame their current situation for the inability to develop an online business. However many people have succeeded in spite of their circumstances, from many backgrounds, simply due to their persistence and mindset. Roadblocks to success are only temporary with a positive and determined mindset. With a negative mindset, small hick-ups become huge barriers simply because of the weight they are given by a negative mind.

Internet business models

There are many internet business models which many online entrepreneurs have made successful. There are also thousands who have failed using these same models. The models themselves are only a ‘system’ of business. The mind behind the business is the real factor in determining whether it will be a success or a failure.

Affiliate marketing has been successfully implemented by thousands of online marketers and is probably one of the best models to follow if you are new to the online world. Affiliate marketing simply involves selling products which are already on the market and the affiliate simply refers people to these products, having no more involvement in them than that. There is no personal selling, posting, customer support or holding of stock. Because of this it make the job of the affiliate relatively simple. They just refer customers to products through several means using the internet:

  • Websites can can generate interest in something which relates to a product. The website owner refers traffic to the products
  • Advertising can be set up directing visitors directly to the product/sales page
  • List building is used to build a list of subscribers who are then marketed to.
  • Offline marketing can also be used to advertise either websites or products.

Google Adsense is another popular internet business model with many people using only this method to generate revenue. This is done by placing adverts on content based websites which generate a lot of traffic through free methods like Google organic search results. When someone clicks on an advert placed on your website, you make a small commission. This method is useful in areas where affiliate marketing cannot be used as effectively such as when there is no relating product to the website niche. Google adsense can be used in conjunction with affiliate marketing too.

Network marketing is another area of the internet where people can build a successful business. Network marketing is a method of business where earnings come from building a team of people and using that team to move products. With this method you are able to earn commissions based on lower tiers of your marketing team, therefore benefiting from the work of the team which you have created. Over time and given a big enough team, passive income can be generated from this form of marketing.

Learn how this company have successfully combined two profitable forms of online marketing: affiliate marketing and network marketing.

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