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Want an instant website business? An instant website business can not only give you a website, but also a ready made sales funnel too. This is an important part of building a successful online business. Most customers don’t immediately buy from a website. A website only gives the visitor a small ‘window’ of opportunity to buy from you. If you can offer a useful ‘giveaway’ product, which you can access through this online business system, you can start to build a list of subscribers. This extends the period of time with which your website visitors can make a buying decision.

instant website business

Instant Website Business – The Money Is In The List

‘The money is in the list’ is a common saying in the online business world. It means that by building a list of subscribers, you have many more opportunities to sell, than just from your website. List building is the number one activity which website business owners should always do. So, if you want an instant website business, you need to make sure you can also build a list of subscribers. You can then market to your subscribers over weeks, months and even years as you list grows. On a website, you only have a few minutes to ‘sell’ your visitor. That’s really not enough time for them to get to know you. 

Checkout the video by clicking the image below. As you can see, the technical aspects of building a website, and an instant website business have been largely removed.

instant website business

Instant Website Business – What Next?

As you can see, you can have a website business up and running very soon! Access the full video series here to get started. Once your website and sales funnel are set up, and this take a few steps to do, you’ll have a fully operational online business. This means you can work from anywhere and build your internet business as you see fit. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll have an instant income if you don’t learn how to market your website.

This business system also has a sales funnel within it, which gives you multiple earning strategies:

  • High ticket commissions
  • Subscription products
  • Up-sells from which you earn commissions
  • Multi-tier sales
  • Built in sales team

Depending on how you position in the business structure will determine how many of these benefits you can benefit from. However you do it you’ll still need to market your website and/or landing pages. You can also access full training for marketing strategise within this ‘all in one’ business system.

Instant Website Business – Marketing Your Sales Funnel

Your website it the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to your online business. It can be used as a method of generating cheap website traffic to get people to see your products and offers. You can also send people directly to landing pages too if you would rather not have a website.

Or, you can easily do both if you wish. The main key is to get a steady stream of traffic through your sales funnel, in order to make sales. The built in business system will allow people to move through the sales funnel and purchase products from you for which you’ll receive commissions.

instant website business

As you learn online marketing skills through the online training platform and business community, you’ll start to generate traffic and eventually sales. Because the sales funnel is automated, you’ll be able to focus specifically on traffic generation and marketing. All of the back-end business side is already organised by a built in sales team and customer services department.

Marketing your sales funnel is therefore all you really need to get good at, in order to build your online business and make it profitable.

Instant Website Business – What’s The Catch?

When people look for an instant website business they might wrongly believe that they’re getting an immediately profitable business. That’s not the case. What you are paying for is a business system with a range of digital products within it. This means you can work from anywhere and earn money by selling digital products anywhere globally. But, you still need to actively promote your business, or no one will ever see it. Just throwing up a website and hoping for the best is the surest way to fail.

instant website business

Getting traffic to your website takes time and effort. If you’re not prepared to put anything in to your online business, you might be better off doing something else. Or buy a pre-built website which already has an income attached. Don’t be misled by these type of websites though. You’ll need to spend huge amounts for websites which already make money. Building your own business is different. It requires work!

That’s why this all in one ‘business in a box’ has an inbuilt education and training platform and some of the best marketers in the world available to share their insights and experience. It also offers a community of support from other business owners and leaders.

Access the 7 day video series here to learn more and get started. 

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