Instant Internet Business

Wouldn’t it be great to have an instant internet business? One you can simply set up and forget about, which runs in the background making money for you. Wouldn’t that be great? A kind of autopilot money making system? In truth this kind of system doesn’t exist, but there is an instant internet business of sorts which does do a lot of the hard work for you, a kind of done for you internet business.

Instant Internet Business

instant internet business

I’ve found many would-be instant internet businesses, which promise the moon, but have fallen short by a long stretch. You know the ones I mean, the kind which promise to set you free financially, but never deliver. Most people don’t actually think about earning millions when they look to the internet for a means to earn an income.

They just want an income which would mean earning a little more, having a better quality of life and sleeping at night without stressing about their horrible co-workers, their growing debt or the horrible day at work they have lined up. I just wanted a means to earn a living which meant I wasn’t going to have a horrible day ahead.

Instant Internet Business – My Journey

instant internet business

My journey online stated several years ago before broadband internet connection was even accessible. I had a dial up connection which used to cut out right in the middle of an important bid I was placing on the auction site Ebay. I used to buy and sell on the site and make a bit of extra money to supplement any work I had.

You can see my article on how to start a profitable ebay business in which I share my most successful strategy. It wasn’t the kind of intstant internet business I was looking for ultimately. I wanted a business which could benefit from the scalability of the internet. The ebay business wasn’t such a model. It took a lot of time and effort to find bargains and relist them. It wasn’t a scalable model. An instant internet business should be scalable, and for it to be scaleable, it had to be automated.

An Automated And Scalable Business Model

instant internet business

A business model which is automated means it can be scaled up without needing any massive changes. For example, I found such a business model in my early days of ebay buying and selling. I found an ‘ebook’ which gave me the ‘system’ which I shared earlier. The ebook could be downloaded automatically and I could pay and receive my ebook without anyone having to be there.

This seems like a simple online business now, but back then I thought I was the first one to discover it! It seemed like a simple concept; A vending machine for online digital downloads. It wasn’t until several years later did I really discover the true meaning of an instant internet business.

An Online ‘Vending’ Machine Business

Take a look at this vending machine. It’s a simple automated business model. Only an instant internet business is

instant internet business

much, much better. With this vending machine, eventually the bubble gum or toys or whatever is in it will run out and need replacing. An online business, on the other hand, has products which will never run out because they are digital products.They can be stored and delivered digitally over the internet. With this vending machine, you will need to maintain it and have it repaired when it breaks down. An online business runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week without needing any maintanence or repair.

This vending machine will need to be located somewhere popular, so that the right targeted audience can see it. Probably somewhere where lots of people pass by. This will cost rent for the owner of the machine. With an online business rent is your hosting for your website, again this is very cheap.

So even though a vending machine business looks great from the outside, an online ‘vending’ machine business has far fewer problems attached. There are lots of costs involved in a physical vending machine and quite a lot of work to do too. An online business, on the other hand, can be automated and scaled and all with very little cost involved.

The Instant Internet Business Model

For a long time I obsessed over this idea. The automated online business model fascinated me. I tried various online courses which taught various strategies for making money online. Many of these used opposing ideas which only added to my confusion. Some taught to rank content on the all powerful Google. Others taught to use paid for advertising and list building to promote digital products.

All of the concepts I tried had something to offer but it wasn’t until I found a clever digital business system that things began to change for me. For ages I had been trying to sell low cost digital products. Digital products can be downloaded instantly. As such they have very few costs involved. Physical products need to be stored, manufactured and sent out to customers. This creates more costs.

With digital products the saving can be passed on to the marketers or the affiliate marketers to be precise. This means digital products can pay out 40% of their cost price. That’s a great mark up to ay you don’t have to deal with any customers or handle any products either.

Using other people’s products is great too. I initially tried to build my own products until I realised this strategy was futile. I couldn’t make products better than were already available. Nor could I create high ticket items, subscription products, or a range of products with steadily increasing value.

High Ticket, Up-Sells, Fully Pre-Made Sales Funnel

This was the ‘instant internet business’ I had been looking for. A fully built system which I could use and benefit from. I had wasted so much time because I didn’t know what I was doing. I needed a sales system which worked and could be easily set up to deliver a range of products through an automated sales funnel.

Take a look at this video and you can see how a website can be set up within a matter of minutes. This website can also deliver a range of high ticket products with up-sells and automated sales. There’s even a built in sale team closing sales on your behalf. This is about as ‘instant’ as you can get from an internet based business.

instant internet business

Although there is still work to be done, however ‘instant’ an online business is, this model allows you to concentrate on one thing in your internet business – marketing.

With this business model you can also set up a fully working sales funnel which has a range of high ticket products attached. This is not just an internet business system but also a community and online training and education program. Access the full video series here and get started.

Marketing Your Internet Business

This business model gives you everything you need to start your own internet business:

  • Training, education and community – access live training and webinars plus a range of online community events
  • A ‘push and click’ website which is set up in a matter of minutes. See this video
  • Modular step by step instructions to set up your own fully functional sales funnel.
  • A range of high ticket products inluded which you can sell and earn 40% commissions on sales
  • A built in sales team closing sales on your behalf
  • A range of software including landing pages, design software etc.

Access this video series to get started

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