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What is the perfect instant business in a box?  I started looking for a business I could run from home, several years ago. Initially I use the auction giant eBay, to earn some extra cash. It seemed like a great method to earn money. I started selling things from my bedroom and later progressed on to buying and selling. I loved car boot sales, antique sales and charity shops back then, and they were perfect places to find bargain items to sell on eBay.

After some time though I decided eBay wasn’t going to be the perfect instant business in a box! I had learned a lot and even used the auction site itself to find low priced items. But alas it wasn’t for me. You can see my strategy in my article how to start a profitable eBay business.

Instant Business In A Box – An Automated Business

Unfortunately the eBay business model I was following was rather time consuming. And although you can successfully use this model, I wanted something that had more potential. I wanted something which could be grown and scaled and automated. My room was filled with eBay stuff, I spend much of my time scouring eBay for bargains to sell on, and my life was not much better for all of my efforts.

I had bought an eBook detailing the system I shared above. It was the eBook though that fascinated me. It was a simple ‘business in a box’ which some guy had created himself. He wrote the eBook and sold it on eBay through a listing which could be used again and again. The sale was automated and instant, which set off a lightbulb moment for me.

instant business in a box

I realised that this model was also scalable. He could sell the same thing over and over again through his listing. Since his eBook was digital, it could be downloaded instantly while his listing continued to gather more sales. I don’t know how well this worked for him, but I knew the model had huge potential. A quick search on eBay shows that this is still being done. I’m not certain about the rules regarding digital products on eBay now, but I do recall there being a change in the UK at least which meant that you had to offer a physical product.

Digital Business In A Box – Affiliate Marketing

After attempting to sell my own eBooks for a while I decided it was time to go back to the drawing board! I couldn’t seem to sell anything online, I knew nothing! After researching online business models I found a business model known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets you sell someone else’s products for a commission. With digital products, you could earn 40% commission on the product too. This seemed to me like the business in a box I had been looking for.

business in a box

Affiliate marketing lets you create content and promote other products around the internet. It meant no piles of stuff in my flat, no continual searching for bargains on eBay and the ability to grow and scale a business based on your previous efforts. This simply wasn’t possible with the eBay business I had been running.

I started promoting products in various ways and wrote articles and used paid advertising too. The fastest results came from paid advertising. However, there was a lot I didn’t know and this got me into trouble a few times. I got my advertising account banned with Google’s Adwords program and couldn’t advertise any more with them. It was just at the time when I was making daily sales and earning commissions too!

Digital Business In A Box – What I later Learned

I wasted so much time because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I walked into possibly every hurdle you can expect from an internet based business. First I created my own products, which didn’t sell. Then I sold other people’s products and got my advertising account banned. Then I built multiple websites and attempted to rank them – they didn’t rank! Everything I did was wrong because I didn’t get the education upfront.

Save yourself 10 years of struggle and start with the information you need and an instant business in a box which anyone can operate. Click on the video (image) below and see how you can have your own ‘business in a box’ up and running in no time.

Business In A Box – What Do You Get From This Business System?

The SFM offers a digital ‘instant business in a box’ so to speak! As you can see in the video, much of the technical aspect of building an online business has been removed. You can access a ready made affiliate website and a fully functional ready made sales funnel which is integrated into your website. This can be done with a few simple modules once you access the business system. Anyone can follow the simple steps to set this up. Once up and running you will have an integrated website, sales funnel and high ticket products suite.

What is a product ‘suite’? A product suite has a range of digital products within it, which can offer you 40% commissions on products you sell through your sales funnel. Unlike the eBook which I initially bought on eBay, a product suite offers many more opportunities for income and is able to sell globally over the internet. Digital products can allow such high commissions because there is no delivery, storage or manufacture costs involved once the products are produced.

A product suite can offer commissions based on:

  • High ticket items – higher than average valued products allow you larger commissions
  • Up-sells – a range of products lets you earn from multiple sales even after your initial referral
  • Built in sales team – Closing the sales on your behalf.
  • Multi-tier sales – means you can earn commissions on the sales coming from your team.
  • Subscription products allow you to earn ongoing commissions – these are high value products which offer ongoing value such as software, memberships etc.

Why You Need Training Even With A Business In A Box

This business model also has an online training and education platform with a built in business community. This is a vital part of learning how to build a successful online business. Even with an instant business in a box, a product suite, a website and an automated sales funnel (which can sell products anywhere globally), you’ll still need to understand how the business works, to make it profitable. You’ll need to understand marketing, and how your marketing relates to the business model. 

For a long time I struggled on my own attempting to run an internet based business. I made so many mistakes which could have been avoided if I had only found the help I desperately needed.

Access this online business system and training and education platform here.

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