Instant Affiliate Business

An instant affiliate business can give you everything you need to save you much needed time and energy. Most people don’t have time to spend all day building websites, searching for affiliate products and learning new skills. That’s where an instant affiliate business can help. I spent several years attempting to build various websites and promote various products. I could have benefitted from an instant affiliate business like this one.

Instant Affiliate Business

So what does an instant affiliate business give you and what is needed from you? An ‘instant’ affiliate business can give you the tools, training and most importantly a business model which works. Software like the Digital Business Lounge can make your life easier with ready made affiliate websites. Take a look at this video which shows just how easily you can have an affiliate website up and running.

instant affiliate business

Instant Affiliate Website

What else should you want from an instant affiliate business? The SFM business program offers you the ability to set up your own website easily and quickly. You can see this in the video above. You can also access a ready made sales funnel which is  an important part of any profitable online business.

It lets you automate sales, emails and followups to your potential customers. You can also use a range of digital products to sell through this funnel. They are already set up on your personalised website with your affiliate links included. This means that if someone buys a product through your website or sales funnel, you are automatically credited with the sale.

Instant Affiliate Business – What You Get

instant affiliate business

So what do you get from an instant affiliate business like this? You get:

  • A ‘push and click’ ready built website
  • A pre-built sales funnel with emails already done for you
  • A range of high ticket products to sell
  • A built in sales team
  • An online education and training platform
  • A community of like mindsed entrepreneurs
  • Software for building websites, landing pages, e-book covers and much more.

High ticket affiliate programs offer larger commissions and multiple methods of income. With this program you can also benefit from high ticket items, subscription products, up-sells and multi-tier sales. This is a different busienss model to a typical affiliate program which only offers a small commission on basic level items.

For example, a regular affiliate program will offer $100 products. 40% commission (typical of digital products) will mean you can earn $40 on a $100 product. High ticket products on the other hand let your earn larger commissions of $400 upwards. You can also earn regular commissions on membership sales and later up-sells closed by the company.

Instant Affiliate Business – What You Don’t Get

instant affiliate business

Although you can join this program and access a range of pre-built business ‘structures’, you still need to work at promoting your landing pages and website. You get the training you will need to make a success of your affiliate business, but in the end it comes down to how hard you work at making your affiliate business a success.

This is determined by the strategies you use to advertise and promote your business. Paid advertising, for example can be scaled up much more quickly than if you solely rely on content generation for your business.

Although you are getting a fully working business model, your success will be determined by the knowledge you learn and the strategies you implement. It will also depend on your understanding of the business model you have access to.

How Fast Can This Business Start Working?

instant affiliate business

Once you have your business systems in place you can start advertising and scale up. Your results can not be guaranteed however and everyone will have a different approach and time scale according to their situation. For example if you are working long hours you might not have the time to create lots of content. So your best route will be paid advertising.

You can start running adverts almost straight after you have set up your business systems and followed the training modules. Your online advertising can run in the background all day with only a small ‘tweek’ every day to test and measure your campaigns.  This is probably the fastest method of getting this business profitable. But you will still need to test and measure. Successful affiliates tend to have put in the work over long periods before they achieve profit and start to scale up.

If on the other hand you have lots of time, but limited cash flow, your route could be to  promote your site though building content. This can take much longer to get going but is a cheaper method if money is a limiting factor. Many of the claims to high earnings online neglect to also state the months and years of hard workwhich have gone in previouly. Don’t expect amazing results without doing the same!

An Online Business Vs. Time For Money

instant affiliate business

However, with an online business you do have a huge advantage over trading time for money. In a regular job you work a certain set of hours and earn a limited amount for the time you work. An online business can allow you to do this too except you can get paid for work you have already done. With a regular job you know you are getting paid every week. The problem begins when you hvae been working for years and you get fed up. You have bought into the lifestyle which your job has afforded you. Now you need to keep working in order to maintain that lifestyle.

An internet business offers a different approach. Initially you need to pay out, like in starting up any business. After a while of working on an online business you might see some small results. Compared to the work you put in this might not look like much. However, if you keep going with an online business you can get to the point where you stop working and your business keeps working for you.

This is the power of an internet based business. Once you have set the wheels in motion, you can continue making sales on autopilot. See autopilot money making system. When your online business is working you can simply increase your advertising budget and set this to work automatically. This gives you time and money, something which a job never really does. A job will always keep you working in it in order to keep earning money. You trade your time for money in a job. With an internet business you work hard initially and only get small financial rewards. Over time this build up and can be scaled.

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