I Want To Quit My Job But I Need Money

Trapped by financial security and thinking ” I want to quit my job but I need money”? If this sounds like you you’re not alone. The “golden handcuffs” refers to the benefits of working for a company which are too good to walk away from. Worse still, you’re just terrified of the consequenses of leaving, but your job is affecting your mental health.

Perhaps too, you have become accustomed to the regular pay of your job. To leave would mean massive uncertainty and this fear causes you to carry on in an otherwise miserable existence. Are you attached to the status of your job? If you have worked for years to attain a certain career path, it’s much harder to let it go of, particularly if our friends and social circle are wrapped up in the same image and status.

Does your family income depend entirely on you? Is your lifestyle and material wealth something you cannot live without?

i want to quit my job but i need money

I Want To Quit My Job But I Need Money

There’s a few things you can do about this situation. Knowing the route cause is the first thing to look at. Why do you want to quit your job? What will you do instead? Is it your boss that’s the problem, a co-worker or simply the work environment as a whole? Sometimes work just isn’t fulfilling any more. The initial attraction to a career path can fade away after the initial buzz wears off. The things you clamoured for about a job at first, simply aren’t worth the hassle any more. If you don’t buy into the work ‘ethos’, like the people or enjoy the journey anymore then something needs to change. If you can figure out exactly why you’re thinking: “I want to quit my job but I need money”, you will be in a better position to remedy the situation.

Move Position

There may be the possibility of changing jobs within your company. This is worth looking at it there’s a chance. A different set of people often can make the most dramatic difference to your work environment. Speak to your work collegues and even boss and see if there’s a possibility of a transfer.

A New Job

“I want to quit my job but I need money”!

Start looking for new jobs. This at least can empower you to begin seeing the possibilities, even if it seems futile at first. Knowing there is something you can do, even if you don’t know what it is yet is empowering. Much more so that accepting your fate. Speak to friends and collegues about possible opportunities and let people know you’re looking if you can.

Start Saving

i want to quit my job but i need money

Getting yourself into a better financial position can give you more opportunites and build the peace of mind to know you’ve got an escape plan. Even if it’s only a small amount each month, putting away some money can help you become more disciplined too. Setting up an automatic payment to a savings account can help if you’re bad at saving. That way the money goes out before you have to think about it. You start living on less and building an escape fund. This can cushion the move if you do eventually jump ship.

Start A Side Business

The internet offers anyone the possibility to build a business alongside a normal job. If time doesn’t allow you can also work on your business part time and plan to leave your job when your online income is at a good enough level. Automation can help you to build an online business quickly too. If you don’t have much time to spare you can still start and generate momentum. Access a video series here and learn more.

Shift Your Focus

If you’re in the space where your thinking “I want to quit my job but I need money” you may have already made your mind up. However, there are certain things you can do to help you mentally when things are not running as you would like them. If you’ve ever seen The Secret film it’s worth a watch. Watch it below. In short, the things you are complaining about and giving energy to, keep growing in power the more attention you give them. You can shift your focus quickly by starting a gratitide journal.

Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is simply a notebook where you can write down all the things you are grateful for. Start with things like your health, your family or your friends. As you continue to do this as a daily practice, you will begin to change your vibration. You might notice things physically changing too if you do this for long enough. A gratitude journal is one of the fastest ways to change your dominant thoughts. If you’re used to complaining and focusing on what is wrong with life, this can become unbearable as your vibration attracts more of these things which you are complaining about.


If you’ve bought into a life you no longer want, you may be able to downsize too. After all, do you really need the grandiose furnishings of your life if you’re so miserable on the inside? Do you need a top of the range car, the oversized house or the lavish lifestyle, if that’s what you have? Even if you’re frugal in some areas of your life, do you have an expensive hobby or interest? Get David Bach’s “The Automatic Millionaire” book to learn how to live below your means, pay off your debt and mortgage and retire early.

i want to quit my job but i need money

I Want To Quit My Job But Need Money

If you’re continually saying this to yourself “I want to quit my job but need money” it is much harder to quit the more you have invested in your job or career. Have you spent years training for the position? Do you have a lot to lose by leaving? Would you regret leaving? Are the people you are surrounded with all invested in your role? Will people think less of you if you lost your status? Would you? Answering these questions can help you get clearer. “I want to quit my job  but need money” is an interesting statement. It is a paradox. Instead, try and think of and find your deliberate intention. What would you most like to happen which fulfills you makes you money and brings harmony into your life? 

“The law of paradoxical intent reflexts the Law of Magnetism. If you’re desperate to make something happen, that repulsive vibration will push it away, turning away the very people and situations that bring your desired outcome.” – Quantum Success Sandra Anne Taylor

Instead of thinking “I want to quit my job but I need money”, find a statement or affirmation which fulfills you in all areas. “I intend to find a job I love”, “I am grateful for my income”, “I intend to switch careers and free up some money”. “I focus on the things I love and am grateful for what I have” .

“I want to quit my job but I need money” sends out two intentions. Wanting to quit but holding on for the financial security. Loosening the power of this statement can be done by affirmations of positive intent. Focus on what you want in entirety for the most beneficial results.

See money mantra to become rich for some affirmations. Access an online training system and learn how to start your own online business here. 

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