I hate my job what can I do

I hate my job what can I do?” Is this you? If you’re currently struggling to get through your day at work without feeling desperately unhappy you’re definitely not alone. There are plenty of things you can do to change the situation. For starters don’t get too miserable about it. Making yourself more and more unhappy by thinking about how unhappy you are is a viscous circle and won’t help. Instead, think about what small steps you can take to make your day better, empower yourself, think more positively and take action to make a lasting change.

I hate my job and want to quit

If you are so miserable in your job that you’re ready to throw in the towel, you definitely need to make a change. Ideally you should find another job before quitting the one you have but in some circumstances, quitting will give you the necessary push to find an alternative source of income. This will of course depend on your personal circumstances and in many cases quitting is simply not an option. If you need the income from your job but feel a sense of growing dread just to think about turning in for work, it will eventually make you ill.

I hate my job but need money

There are always many ways to skin a cat – or make money for that matter! If you are tied into your job because of money you need to start creating a plan of escape. If you are simply unhappy, it won’t matter what job you are doing. In this case its much better to be unhappy with money than without! If on the other hand your job is definitely making you unhappy, it can be better to be poor than miserable. See how to escape a job you hate.

Help me I hate my job

Hating your job is easy – lots of people do! However you need to either find a new job which you like or decide to put up and shut up with your existing job. It pays you money and many people would be grateful to even have a job. How much money do you actually need? What would be your perfect job? What talents and abilities do you have? What would you love to do?

Get a plan of escape

The futility of hating your circumstances yet feeling powerless to change them, only fuels the situation. You hate being trapped and feeling powerless, yet you keep focusing on your pain. Make a plan to escape this feeling of futility. Focus on things you enjoy and love and avoid thinking about things which you hate. This is a simple way to shift your awareness about a certain situation instantly.

Look for alternatives

Feeling ‘stuck’, dis-empowered, and disillusioned constantly will only take you further down the road of despair. Escape your thoughts by doing something you enjoy, taking some exercise, meditating or doing something which completely removes you mentally from the subject of your despair. Look for other job opportunities as part of your daily routine and speak to people who can offer solutions and help you. Simply by setting the wheels in motion and empowering yourself will help you to shift the feeling that you are ‘stuck’ in your situation with no alternatives.

Save some money

Cut back on spending on things you don’t need. Sell some items you no longer use and set aside some back-up cash reserve every month for a ‘buffer’. If things get so bad you need to quit, at least you will have prepared. In the mean time the simple act of doing this will make you feel better about your situation. Set up an automatic payment of as much as you can afford into a savings account and don’t touch it.

I really hate my job

You can always quit! Don’t forget that holding down a job you hate is not the key to success in life. Take responsibility for your own happiness. No-one will know how you feel but you. If you can’t change your perception of your job and see it for what it gives you, then just leave! Remember your job is not your identity – it’s simply a means to an end. You can always get another job.


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