How to use Youtube for marketing

There are various ways to market your online business and below is a video I have created which shows briefly how to use YouTube for marketing. For a lot of people, the idea of recording themselves on video for the world to see can be a little daunting. However YouTube is one of the best ways to find traffic to direct to your website or blog and it is much easier to target and rank for keywords on YouTube than it is trying to rank for those same keywords by writing articles on your website. Often you will even see YouTube videos ranking on Google above other articles and websites.

You don’t even need to personally appear on YouTube if you are a little camera shy. You can interview someone and just use audio or even hire someone on to record a video for you with a script you have created. Once you have created a video you need to make sure you will find customers through it. Don’t start a video before you have decided on your keywords. You will need to target keywords which are relative to your personal business. You can use YouTube itself to do this by just typing in your main keywords and seeing what comes up in the search box. These will be terms which are already being searched for. It is much better to use terms which people are already searching for in order to guarantee a certain amount of traffic. Have a look at the competing videos to gauge your possible competition.

You will also need to link back to your video and make sure they are keyword targeted links. This will enable YouTube to rank your videos higher up. Once you have created and uploaded your video make sure you use the correct keywords in the title and description in order to give it the best chance of ranking. Don’t just create one or two videos but do videos on a consistent basis and you will see a nice flow of traffic building up – providing you also link the videos to your website. It is also worth mentioning your website in your videos during recording and you can also add subtitles to them so people can see more clearly your website address.

Have a look at this quick video below which shows how to choose keywords using both YouTube and Google Keyword planner. Use the keyword planner to come up with more ideas by typing your main keywords into the search tool and looking for keyword ideas in your niche. Check out the video below:

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