How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Business

Facebook is a useful tool to connect to people and to place adverts promoting your business but for most people it is a social networking site and not an advertising platform. People go to Facebook to socialize and communicate with friends so it is well to be aware that in-your-face advertising may not go down well at all. In fact some people will object to having stuff shoved down their throats. Facebook itself rate their adverts based on consumer experience and if people click away, object, complain or simply don’t interact with adverts placed on their feed or sidebar, Facebook take this as a sign that the advert is not relevant to the user experience and will act accordingly in removing or disapproving the advert.

This has happened a lot more recently and I experienced myself having adverts disapproved which were previously approved by Facebook. This has made advertising much more difficult on Facebook. Speaking to a Facebook staff member about my adverts which I was running on my Facebook page, he said I need to offer more first to my page, giving value, sharing informative posts and ideas, before paying for advertising to either boost an post or create an advert. Facebook like to see interaction on your page and that you are offering value before you target your potential clients or customers.

This is a huge concept for internet marketers and one worth noting. Offering value and building trust are two of the best ways to build an online business. An online business  needs to build rapport and trust all the more than a physical store simply because it could be gone in a day and there is no come back. For a physical store you know you can return your goods and come back to the store if you have any problems. There is a person in front of you when you purchase an item which doesn’t happen for an internet business.

As I have learned with my online training with The Six Figure Mentors (details here), it is a good idea to offer massive value rather than look for the sale. Stuart Ross, co-founder or the SFM mentions this as one of the most important factors in building an online business. The same is true of advertising with Facebook. Don’t go for the sale – instead, offer value and give something which your target audience wants.

Fill out all the details in your Facebook page information and use the call to action button on the page to link your visitors to your website or landing page. Post useful articles and once you have built a sufficient base of visitors you can boost posts for maximum engagement. Include an opt-in on your useful posts but don’t go straight for the sale. Once you have built up some followers you can target them for your articles.  Here’s a short video I have done which shows an easy hack to queue your articles and place an opt-in form on each one which goes to your landing page. If you don’t yet have a sales funnel and opt-in page then you can get access to an already proven sales funnel by joining the SFM.

(How to use Facebook to promote your business)

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