How To Stay Focused On Your Online Business

Many people are currently attempting to run their own online businesses using affiliate marketing as their business model. However, it is far from easy and you will need to dedicate a considerable portion of your week to it if you want to make even a reasonable amount of income from it. Perhaps this is why so many give up on their dream of operating a profitable online business which would allow them a completely flexible and portable lifestyle business.

Staying focused is perhaps one of the most common problems when it comes to running a profitable business. Any business takes time and persistent and consistent effort BEFORE it shows signs of turning a profit. Starting an internet business is much easier than almost any other business, making it work is another story! There are less start up costs, no staff or workforce to employ, no physical buildings to rent. All you need is an internet connection, products to sell (which don’t even need to be your own), and a means to promote them – advertising. This can all be done due to systems and software which automates much of the process involved with an internet business.

Despite all this, and maybe because of it, focus is still an important part of the business and you need to put in the hours before you can see results. Emails can become overwhelming and knowing in what direction to tread can easily lead to procrastination and uncertainty. When I started out looking for an internet business I moved from one ‘system’ to another without really giving any one of them a proper chance. Each one promising an ‘easier’ path to internet riches than the one before.

First off you need to remind yourself why you are running an internet business in the first place. You need a ‘why‘. Once you have decided why you are running an internet business you need a ‘how’. Here’s how. Once you start you need to keep fueling the fire of your passion to succeed. Get this book which is probably the best ‘success’ book I have read on the topic of goal setting an achieving:


Stuart Lichtman’s book explains how to ‘supercharge’ your mind and keep it focused on an important goal which you have set AND aligned with your higher values. He calls it the cybernetic transposition technique and the techniques has proved effective in numerous studies.

Keeping focused is also about aligning your life with your true values. In his book, Stuart Lichtman explains how aligning all parts of the brain so as to eliminate conflicting intentions, allows a synchronized focus on the intended outcome. The problem with many of our goals is that we often have competing and conflicting intentions which get in our way. For example, if we set a goal to lose some weight, we may start off well but when we are presented with an opportunity to have some ice cream or a night out, our old habits kick in and this conflicts with our goal. Likewise if we set a monetary goal and get half way there, we may treat ourselves to something which eats up our funds because we have developed a spending habit.

Make habits out of the things which will eventually give you you end goal!

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” – John Dryden

Setting goals is an important part of getting anywhere. Do you have a business goal? Do you have a financial goal? Do you have a personal goal? Without setting a target for what you want, you will rarely get there. It would be like trying to get to Paris but just by wandering around your home city. You need a map and direction!

Once you have set some business goals write them down and place them where you will see them every day. Jack Canfield used this method to train his mind to focus on making $1000,000. He stuck a fake $1000, 000 note on his ceiling on his bedroom to remind him of that goal when he woke in the morning. This was before he got a book deal making him just short of that amount for his book ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’.

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