How to start a business online – what I wish I knew then..

If you’re wondering how to start a business online and have been searching the internet for answers, that was exactly where I was a few short years ago. Knowing what I know now, I could have saved a whole lot of trial and error, but I have learned a lot from the experiences I have had.

A brief background

I started looking to the internet as a means to earn money roughly around 15 years ago. Back then I had dial up on my computer. If you don’t know what this is you are lucky. It’s basically a really crap internet connection! I used Ebay to buy and sell items and would place bids at the last second to get the best deal and avoid driving the price up! This sucks when your internet connection is really crap because it can stop working in the last few seconds of an auction! I solved this problem using auction sniper – software which places bids for you. But I digress…

After a while of using ebay I became disillusioned with the lengthy process which I had for each sale, and the difficulties that came from looking for bargains. I knew there was a better way…

Affiliate marketing

I looked around the internet at various ‘systems’ and tried many of them, some on ebay and some using websites and other various internet ‘tricks’. I kept testing ideas and looking for new ones. My research led me to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to work anywhere with an internet connection. There is no stock to hold. You can sell pretty much anything and don’t have to deal with customers, returns or the stock itself. This sounded like the ideal business model to me!

Early days

I purchased several courses which claimed to teach the basics of affiliate marketing and had some small successes. However they were short lived successes and most of my time was spent watching training videos and building products and websites. I had over a hundred websites at one stage which were all linked to affiliate products. I wrote thousands of articles and learned several new skills: building websites, creating email lists, how to purchase and forward domain names, creating adverts, Adwords and Facebook advertising.

Mistakes I made

I focused mainly on learning and this was probably my biggest mistake. It’s easy to to become a perpetual student with an online business. You can kid yourself that you even have a ‘business’ when all you are doing is being a perpetual student – learning new skills but never actually making any money, which of course was the point in the first place. I lost sight of this and simply spend years engrossed in new ‘shiny’ online gadgets.

Luckily I found these guys!

stu and jayThis is Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, founders of the Six Figure Mentors and real life people I have actually met in real life! Since joining the SFM I have made huge progress and it was while watching a video of Stuart saying how he caught himself distracted on the internet just going through the motions, i.e. he was wasting time and getting nothing done. By recognizing it, he was able to change his focus and concentrate on money producing activities.

This was a real gold nugget for me since I had been doing the same thing. It’s very easy when you work from home and can become distracted by your surroundings, Facebook, Friends etc. By setting targets, goals and focusing on what had to be done, I was able to make my first high ticket commissions online.


What is a high ticket commission? 

Before the SFM I was selling affiliate products for $100 or so and making a commission of $40 for each sale. This is great if you can sell hundreds or thousands of the items, however I wasn’t and was only really making the odd affiliate commission. A high ticket commission gives the seller a similar percentage of the sale value but because the items is a higher value, $2000+ for example, then the affiliate received a higher commission – $500+ for each sale (depending on the percentage rate). (See six figure mentors compensation plan). What this means for an affiliate is that they don’t have to sell as many items in order to make a realistic income.


There are so many distractions on the internet, especially when you are looking to purchase some information and build your own internet business. There are literally thousands of people offering advice and selling products. It is easy to become overwhelmed. By focusing on what needs to be done, you can eliminate 90% of your distractions. Choose a path and stick to it! I was always drifting off looking for something easier, better, faster and simpler. I didn’t stick on any path for long enough to achieve lasting results. There was always the next shiny object to distract me.


Concentrate on one thing

When I started out I was creating products, websites, lists etc. etc. I was doing so much but getting nowhere. Don’t make the same mistake. Follow a proven digital business system which is working already. Sell someone else’s product first before creating your own. Learn how to do just one thing at a time. Luckily much of what I had to learn isn’t at all necessary now! You can jump straight to the making money part!

A simple system

This digital business system removes the need to build your own website (one is created for you with only a few clicks), removes the need to build your own range of high ticket products (they are done and successfully selling) and removes the need to create landing pages (they are already done and are pre-populated with your affiliate links).

What you must do

Your job as an affiliate is to promote your affiliate link. Everything else is done. You just need to learn some simple basics in order to put your link in front of potential prospects. The follow up emails are done for you, the landing pages are done for you, your only job is to promote your link! If you don’t know how to do this there is a training platform with all the information you need, and a community of people to help.

Get started today

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