How To Sell Affiliate Products Online

If you are wondering how to sell affiliate products online, here are a few solutions. Selling affiliate products can be a great way to earn from your laptop, and given an internet connection this is a great way to operate a business from anywhere. All you need then is a laptop.

How To Sell Affiliate Products Online

So, how to sell affiliate products online. There are several ways to sell affiliate products online. The two main ways are paid advertising and content creation. First though you need to choose some affiliate product which you would like to promote and which you can happily create content for for the long term. You can choose affiliate products from sites like clickbank and jvzoo or sell affiliate membership to educational platforms like this one.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising offers a fast method to get visitors to either websites or landing pages. From there you can promote affiliate products. Paid advertising means using platforms like Adwords or Facebook advertising and paying for clicks to your content. This is the fastest way to generate traffic and you can turn on website traffic like turning on a tap! People are already searching for all kinds of products online and all you have to do is set up an advert to benefit from this traffic.

Free Advertising

Free advertising takes a little longer to generate traffic. However it can offer a means to generate a long term strategy of free traffic potentially for years to come. Free advertising methods include things like article marketing, video marketing, link building and social media sharing.

Many affiliates start with a blog and write regularly to build a stream of traffic from Google’s organic search engine and by sharing their content on social media.

How Do You Actually Make Sales?

You might be wondering how to sell affiliate products online from your content? Simply by joining an affiliate program and sharing an affiliate link on your site. Links are attributed to your unique code and you receive a commission if a sale is made through your link.

Selling Affiliate Products

Once you have got visitors to your website you can sell affiliate products though banner advertising, email lists or by linking directly in the text to affiliate products. Email marketing is one of the best known ways to sell affiliate products.

Email marketing works well because it extends the time period with which to sell to a potential customer. On a website, a potential customer only has a few minuted whether to decide whether to buy or not. Once you have their email, you can build relationships and extend the time period available to generate a sale.

how to sell affiliate products online

Selling Affiliate Products By List Building

One of the main things you will learn in this program is the power of list building in selling affiliate products. By building a list of subscribers to offer value and promote products to, you are taking control of your traffic. ‘Traffic’ which is to say website traffic is the flow of visitors to your website or landing page and the main hurdle in making affiliate sales for every newbie affiliate marketer.

If you want to know how to sell affiliate products online, master traffic generation. Without traffic you won’t sell, however, getting traffic and making sales are not the same thing either. Getting your website traffic onto your email list is the priority of most online marketers, and for good reason. Selling online is about getting traffic onto your list, and then selling through your list.

How To Build An Email List

You can start your own email list by signing up to programs like Aweber or Mailchimp which offer to collect your email from your website and send out automated emails which you have previously created. Sign up to mine on the here to see how this works.

You can add your own opt-in form on your website simply by grabbing some code from these auto-responder platforms. You need to offer your visitors something of value –  something of value which will encourage people to opt-in.

How To Choose An Affiliate Product To Sell

There are literally thousands of affiliate products to choose from online. If you have a specific interest or passion, you could choose products related to that. Remember that the free advertising methods you will be using to sell affiliate products will include creating blogs and videos.

It’s much easier blogging about things you are passionate about (and know about) than anything else. Have a Google search for “‘your passion’ affiliate products”. Some of the products should give you an idea of what you might blog about. If you are still not sure what kind of products to promote try this course.

To sell affiliate products online successfully you need to generate momentum and traffic. Targeted traffic is necessary to sell products because only a small percentage of your visitors will buy. If they are interested in your particular niche, they will be more likely to buy. See why is target market important.

As an affiliate your job is to find targeted traffic which best fits the demographic of people who are most likely to purchase. Your job is to ‘match your audience’ with the products and find interested ‘buyer’ traffic to put your products and services in front of.

Buyer Traffic

Any traffic isn’t the same as ‘buyer’ traffic. ‘Buyer’ traffic has the intention to buy. As an example, many affiliates create review sites. A review site is the last piece of information which someone might search for before making a buying decision. If your website is that review site, you can send people to offers and services from your honest review. An example of a successful review site is which helps people find better deals online. It’s also a good example of a review site.


Affiliate Products

Most affiliate products have ‘pre-made’ banner advertising, pre-formatted emails to send out to your list and a number of other useful videos and content which you can use to market their product. See done for you internet business. This means:

  • You don’t have to create a product – you can find one which is already selling.
  • No need to test emails for your list – use one which already has been tested.
  • You can grab their marketing materials and don’t need to create your own.
  • Some of them even train you in marketing online.

Sales ‘Funnel’

Once you have your products and ready made sales funnel, you can simply promote by any means at your disposal. This may mean ranking content on Google or YouTube, advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords or a combination of several marketing tactics.

As you add to your traffic generating strategies, you will get an increasing number of people signing up to your list. With an email series already in place, the list will do the selling for you. So by concentrating on generating more opt-ins, you can build your income over time.

how to sell affiliate products online

Some Basic Free Tactics

Keyword Research – See this article on finding long tail keywords to learn how to target your articles to rank on Google.

Creating YouTube videos. See How to use YouTube for marketing.

Some Basic Paid Tactics

Facebook – See how to use Facebook to promote your business.

Adwords – You can easily set up an advertising campaign with Google’s ‘Adwords’ program and pay for every click to your site/landing page. Adwords allows you to target specific keywords in your niche.

Learn more about how to sell affiliate products online through this education platform.

Different Types Of Products

There are hundreds of products available to buy online. And most of them have an affiliate program. This means anyone can join and promote these items. However, not all items will reward you equally. Some affiliate programs will pay better than others. Physcial products, for example tend to pay out less to affiliates. There’s less of a mark up because you need to factor in storage and postage costs too. This leaves less for affiliates.

Digital Products offer a greater chance to earn more per item than most physical products. That’s because the costs are much lower than with physical products. With digital products you can download over the internet so there’s no postage costs. There’s no storage costs either as digital products can be stored digitally on a laptop or hard drive. Typically digital products pay out 40% to affiliates.

Membership Products

Before asking how to sell affiliate products online it’s also worth asking which type of products to sell. Many products you can sell only pay you once. That means you need to continually sell over and over again. There’s no ‘after sales’ or lifetime value of a customer. With membership products a sale means an income, not just a single commission. You can generate income from a single sale because of a subscription fee. Providing your customer continues their membership, you continue to receive commissions every month from each customer. This makes an online business much more viable and stable, especially in the short term when getting started.

High Ticket Items

how to sell affiliate products online

‘High Ticket’ products let you earn more per sale than lower priced items. This is good obviously because you earn more but it also allows you to offset advertising and scale up much more easily. You don’t need to sell as many high ticket items to make a profit either.

Lifetime Value Of A Customer

Traditional shops earn money from  their valued customers. Returning customers make up a good portion of their profits. An internet based business should also use this principle so by choosing products which offer more value, you can benefit from subscriptions and later sales of higher valued items made to existing customers (up-sells). If you choose a company which also closes sales on your behalf, with a built in sales team, you can benefit from multiple sales closed after your initial referral.

Learn how to sell affiliate products online. Access a digital business system which gives you a website, sales funnel, range of high ticket products and full training and support here.

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