How To Open Your Own Online Business

Are you wondering how to open your own online business? Opening your own online business has become much easier recently as software, tools and technology has made programs and systems which take out the necessity to learn how to work online from scratch by code. Before user friendly programs such as WordPress websites came into being, building websites used to be the domain of the programmer. Now anyone can build a website easily in only a fraction of the time it used to take. In fact you can access online communities which will allow you to have an instant push button website, automatic sales funnel with products attached and training and community to help and support you in putting it all together. Access one here today.

Opening an online business isn’t just about building a website though. However, much of what used to prevent the average person becoming successful online  is now obsolete, and new tools, systems and technologies make many elements of building an online business simpler and quicker.

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Here’s a quick run down of what you will need to build your own successful internet business from scratch.

  • A website – you can start an online business without one, but a website allows you to build a presence online without only using advertising to promote your products.
  • Products – Without products to promote you can use advertising and get paid for clicks, however this requires a tonne of traffic and will take much longer to achieve. Having products to sell gives you an instant credible business. You don’t need your own products as you can sell and promote already existing services, platforms and products.
  • A budget – You will need to set aside some money to spend on advertising. Without this your business will take a lot longer to build up and you will be relying on building content to get traffic to your products. You can of course spend time building content and spend some on advertising as well.
  • An auto-responder – An auto-responder is simply a program which you can use to collect email addresses and send out emails to your list of subscribers. This is how to communicate to your subscribers, build value and sell products. It automates much of your business and lets you connect with potentially thousands of people through a single email.
  • A built in sales funnel – Selling the ‘odd’ item is all well and good but it won’t build you a long term sustainable business. You need longevity. By using a product line which has a built in sales funnel, up-sell products of increasing value and a sales team who will handle all the sales for you is ideal.
  • The right mindset for success online

If you want a done for you internet business which allows you to focus on building traffic and customers, you need to join a community which has all of the above and which also gives you all the training you need to make a success of it. The SFM (Six Figure Mentors) has all this in place. The SFM offers step by step training modules designed not only to show you the exact steps to achieve success quickly, but also to develop your mindset to help you achieve. Access the training here.


Why mindset is so important 

Opening your own online business is easy. Making it successful is something else. Without the right tools, strategies and most importantly, mindset, you will give up before you achieve any real success. There are plenty of roadblocks when starting your own online business. If it was easy then everyone would do it!

What if I want to go it alone? 

You can start an online business around a passion or interest you already have, develop you own products and services and build an online presence to sell to. However, this is a lot of work and it will take much longer to succeed in comparison to promoting something which already exists and is successful. This is the affiliate marketing model and affiliates find products and services which will fit in with their niche. If you have an interest to blog about it is much easier to find products and services which fit your niche, than to create your own products and sell them online. Simply Google “‘your niche’ affiliate program” to find items which fit the bill.

What if I don’t know what to do? 

Find a mentor who will teach you the skills to promoting and selling online products. You can always promote your own products later down the line once you have learned how to successfully promote an already successful program/product. 

The SFM – Six Figure Mentors

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What you get with this program

  • A step by step process of modules which takes you through everything needed
  • A ‘done for you’ affiliate website
  • Existing products already linked with your tracking codes
  • Banner advertising on your site
  • Pre-formatted email follow ups with affiliate links
  • Sales team and ‘up-sell’ products all done for you
  • A community of people to help you learn and develop
  • An SFM consultant to offer help and advice
  • Online technical support
  • Access to tools, systems and services ready to jump start your business via the Digital Business Lounge
  • Regular webinars, training and support on and offline.

To learn more about accessing the Six Figure Mentors program you can enter your details on this page to access a series of videos which will explain how to open your own online business. Learn more here.

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