How to offer value before expecting rewards

Building an online business takes time and hard work. It doesn’t just materialize overnight. Like any job you must put work in before looking for the rewards, or getting paid, but unlike a job you aren’t guaranteed to be paid at the end of every month. This can be a huge problem for many attempting an internet business. They are used to having a steady paycheck at the end of each month and so where’s the ‘proof’ that it works!?

Wanting ‘proof’ that it works before you begin is the surest way to guarantee that it won’t work! For a long time I was looking for the results only after having learned some basic skills and implemented a few key concepts. I would sit back and congratulate myself at having learned a new skill, written a few lines of copy and pasted my affiliate link in the text. I would at that point start looking at my account, waiting for the money to pour in! When it didn’t I would doubt that the ‘system’ even worked and this doubt led to indecision and inevitably inaction! The inaction brought with it a lack of results!

I saw the old adage the other day ‘seeing is believing vs believing is seeing’. Only when your belief is high will you take action. If you doubt then this doubt will sabotage your belief leading to inaction. So keeping belief high is a must if you ever want to see any results from your internet business. Belief therefore must come first and we will often seek out evidence based on what we already believe. Only when our mind is open will we accept a new belief or idea.

My first online ‘income’ purchase was several years ago and I only bought the book after I was given a huge value beforehand by its publisher. I watched a countless amount of his videos and got a huge amount of value for free before I eventually bought a book from the guy’s website. It was a guy called Robert Evan’s and he had a book called the ‘Rich Monkey’s Guide to Making Money Online’. He had built my trust by offering a tonne of value before he sold me his book. He didn’t sell it to me by ‘selling’ he sold it to me by having already given me the value of the book!

The same is true of Stuart Ross with his online course here. Stuart believes in massively over delivering on value and when I purchased the app for his online course I was expecting far less that what I received. The over delivering of value builds trust – a must for an online business.

As a newbie in internet marketing you may be wondering how to offer value before expecting rewards. As an affiliate marketer your job is to find customers for products and build trust. People don’t buy off websites they don’t trust. People buy from people. Building trust by communicating value and helping people to get what they want is the best way to sell products online. Think about the last thing you bought. Do you take your time in buying or do you like to rush in? Did you read a review on that product before you bought it? Many affiliate marketers use review writing to find customers.


People just don’t buy from people they don’t trust. Buying from a ‘brand’ is a instant quality assurance and you know if you buy from ‘Currys’, ‘ASDA, ‘Sainsbury’s’, or any other well-known brand that you can take your goods back if there is a problem. There is always a money back guarantee. There is a building to physically return to. However, on the internet there are many people trying to sell to you and there is less trust.

You can build trust over time by offering value. Answer your potential customers queries. Give them solutions to their problems. Over deliver on value and you will gain trust.

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