How To Monetize A Website Without Ads

If you’re wondering how to monetize a website without ads, it’s fairly simple. You can monetize a website without ads by using affiliate products. However, depending on what your blog is about, you will need to choose a suitable affliate program. For example, if your blog is a travel blog you don’t want to sell guitar lessons! If you have a juggling blog, you don’t want to promote hotel accomodation! The better fit an affilaite product is with your blog, the more likely you are to sell products from it.

How To Monetize A Website Without Ads

how to monetize a website without ads

How much traffic do you get? What do your visitors want and need from your blog? What else can you offer them? Do you have any products of your own?

The other thing you can do is to create and sell your own products from a blog. Again, this depends on what your blog is about. Most professional bloggers have their own digital ‘giveaway’ product which they offer to their visitors for free! Why do they give away their product for free? Simple, because they exchange it for their visitor’s email address.

Why do they want email addresses? Because, having your website visitors email address means you can continue communicating with them long after they have left your website. Sometimes this can be for years and even decades. If you have an affiliate product which is a good fit for your website, you can promote it through your list of subscribers.

Choosing A Good Affiliate Product For Your Website

A good affiliate product will also offer you a ‘giveaway’ product too. You can offer a free ‘ebook’, for example on your website in order to send people down your sales funnel. From there you can promote any number of products which relate to your business. A good place to find affiliate products is on

Sign up to clickbank and head to their ‘marketplace’ to browse products. Look for products with a good ‘gravity’ (Grav.). Gravity means they are already selling. From 20-100 is a good sign that a product is selling well. It’s also worth buying a product yourself to see if it’s something you actually want to promote. Plus the more you know about a product the better able you are to talk about it effectively and will some level of knowledge.

how to monetize a website without ads

If Your Blog Relates To A Lifestyle Business

If you have a travel blog, your audience might be very interested in a lifestyle business. Many travellers are always on the look out for an income which goes with their passion for travelling. An online business is a great match for travel bloggers because they can travel while working and earning. There’s a huge scope for travel related businesses too. You don’t have to have a travel blog, it could also be a business related blog or a ‘work from home’ type blog.

If you think this might be a good match for your blog, check out this video series and access this video series. It will explain how you can monetise an internet business from scratch by using affiliate products and a different business model. You can also access list building software, a pre-made sales funnel and a range of high ticket products. Access here.

Other Products To Use On A Website

How to monetize a website without ads? Using digital products is one of the most popular methods of blog monetization. This is because a blog is global and digital products can be downloaded from anywhere, making them the perfect accompaniment to a blog for monetization.

how to monetize a website without ads

Physical products can also be used to monetize a website. You don’t need to post these items yourself because, again you can become an affilaite and use other people’s products. This takes the burden of dealing with customers and delivering products away from you. Amazon is a popular website which can enable bloggers to link to, in order to sell physical products. Equally, you can join an ebay affilaites program too. Both these programs reward affilaites for sending traffic to their sites and making sales. There are many other affilaite programs too around the web. The best way to find an affilaite program which relates to your blog is to use your main keywords and type into Google:

“{Your Main Keywords} Affiliate Programs”

So if your blog was about flower arranging type in “flower arranging affilaite programs”

Here’s what came up : (One of the leading online flourists): So by promoting products which are a good fit with your website, you can earn commissions from sites which allow you to partner with them.

So now you know how to monetize a website without ads. But there’s a vital piece of the jigsaw that’s really important.

Traffic Doesn’t Equal Sales

Traffic doesn’t equal sales. Not entirely. Remember you need to understand the intent of your website visitors. It does depend to a great deal on your content and the kind of visitors you are getting. To understand this properly you need to know how your website visitors are finding your website. Are they coming to buy something or to learn something? What is their intent? See also why target market is important.

Your products must be a close match for your website visitors, but not only that, you also need to lead them to your products. Having a good and useful product line isn’t always enough. You have to enlighten your visitors to what those products can do for them.

For a travel blog which is offering some useful advice about travelling in Rome, for example, a banner advert on the side of the website for a hotel in Rome is perfect. It’s a nice fit for your audience. Or even a car hire service would be good. Knowing how to monetize a website without ads is about matching products well with an audience and leading them to the product. Unless the product offers massive value and is of use, your website visitors are unlikely to buy.

how to monetize a website without ads

Sometimes your visitors will need more information on a product, before they are in a position to buy. Also, they are less likely to buy from an unknown website than one of the more well known ones. That’s why email marketing is so valuable when it comes to monetizing a website. Sales are made through your email list, rather than from your website. Your email list is a way to build confidence in your subscribers by offering continued help, guidance and value.


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