How To Market Your Website For Free

If you can learn how to market your website for free, you can save yourself a huge advertising budget. This little hack will also compliment your existing budget, if you have one, to give you more coverage of your website and improve your overall exposure. Thousands of websites are sitting unnoticed after their owners have spent considerable time and effort building them, only to abandon them when the going got tough. It takes time and a lot of effort to build a website which generates consistent traffic over the long term. Keep adding content and marketing your site to grow your online presence.

Recently I have given some thought to my articles which haven’t been ranking on Google and probably had almost no readers. Although at the time of writing these articles, I was sharing them on social media, in the grand scheme of things I would say they had almost no coverage! This is quite a waste of time then if each of the articles I write gets no readers! Google has made it much more difficult to get ranked on the search engine, particularly if your articles are in a competitive niche. If your site is new, it is all the more difficult to rank since you will have almost no authority with Google. The more you write the greater your authority will be but also you need to share your articles and get incoming links from other sites over the long term to gain any authority.

So this little method is great if you have a tonne of old articles which don’t get any traffic. Simply take your url of your article and paste it into your account on Buffer syndicates your materials across all your social media accounts and will post them at a time which you stipulate. Getting an account on Buffer is free and you can queue a few articles without having to upgrade. The more social media accounts you can add to Buffer, the better, as this will mean more coverage for your articles. You can also use a great little site called to integrate your landing page with your article. allows you to advertise your service when sharing an article. You can also use to share other people’s articles and have your advert appear on it, generating you leads into your online business. If you haven’t yet got an online business you can start here.

Take a look at the video below to see how by using and, you can create a simple marketing plan to use your old articles and other people’s articles to gain more traffic to your website and advertise your landing page and/or service.

Marketing your articles is a great way to improve your online presence and advertise your service. You can promote your articles through social media and boost posts in Facebook as another marketing option. Boosting posts is a great way to increase your market reach and target your specific market audience. Facebook boosts allow you to target your audience through interests, age range, and other demographics. If you can get specific about who your target audience is, this is a very useful way to save your budget and get the most for your money.

Another way to market your articles is simply by using the keyword planner. By finding long tail keywords before writing your articles, you can target them so they are more likely to appear on Google when someone types in the same keywords. See this article on long tail keywords. Although, as I mentioned earlier in this article, it can be difficult to rank articles in Google, depending on your particular topic and its relative competition, you can still target long tail keyword chains for a better chance at being found in the organic searches on Google. The more articles you write, the greater your chances are of increasing your domain authority and therefore ranking an article. Give value and write better and longer articles than your competition to gain the edge! This is another free tactic to market your website for free. However, as with many free tactics for marketing they can take a long time to gain momentum. Paid marketing is a quicker, although obviously more expensive way to ‘turn on’ traffic directly to your website.

Using YouTube to create videos is a great way to promote your website and you have a much better chance at ranking a video than you do ranking an article on your website (depending on your keywords and niche, of course!). Create your video with your keyword in mind so you are ranking for the kind of search which is relative to your business/website. Give value in your video and mention your website, linking to it in the description section below the video. You can also include text on top of your video by using the video editor and you can include your website here too. Check out the video below which shows you a great way to use YouTube to market your website:


You can learn how to build your own online business from scratch here.

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