How To Make Six Figures From Home

Have you been wondering how to make six figures from home? It is entirely possible to make this kind of income. You don’t need any specialised knowledge and you can get the education and training online. All you need is a laptop and internet connection.

The internet has allowed many people to earn a six figure income. Bloggers and affiliate marketers can serve more people than the average store, and this is one of their secrets to online success.

How To Make Six Figures From Home

how to make six figures from home

The internet has given a huge earning opportunity to anyone with a laptop and internet connection. Anyone can now reach a global audience. Advertising platforms online are accessible and sophisticated. Previously, a global advertising campaign was only available for huge companies with huge advertising budgets. Now, direct response marketing lets anyone build and scale an advertising campaign, and reach a global audience. But before we get into advertising, we need a product to sell.

What Products?

Having such a global reach is useless for many people because they have nothing to sell. Well actually you can sell other people’s products online. It’s a model known as affiliate marketing. By choosing the right products you can earn up to and beyond 40% commissions on sales.

Digital products, for example, typically pay 40% commissions to their affiliates. This means you can sell a product on your website that you don’t even own. You can direct your website traffic to it and everything else is done by the company selling it. Digital products are especially good for a number of reasons:

  • They don’t require any storage costs
  • They are easily (and cheapy) delivered via the internet.

This means costs saved on delivery and storage can be passed onto the affiliate promoting the product, which is why digital products carry such a high commission for affiliates.


how to make six figures from home

Seving people is one of the secrets to earning big incomes from the internet. Without people you will never make any money online. A website with a huge amount of traffic can also sell things automatically. If you’re wondering how to make six figures from home, automation is a huge key. Automating sales online means you can sell things directly to your website visitors. They can access your products and software directly from your site through automated checkout and delivery tools. Once this is all set up you just need a huge amount of traffic.

Website Traffic

No traffic equals no sales. Getting people to your offers is the major key to online success. Anyone who has cracked the code of how to make six figures from home, has mastered traffic generation. Even with the best products in the world and no traffic, you won’t make any sales. Traffic can be generated in a number of different ways. You can either create content (like this article for example) or you can use paid traffic.

Paid traffic is the fastest route to building your online business. Paid traffic is like turning on a ‘tap’ for visitors to your website. Content creation on the other hand takes time and effort. Plus, you can’t scale content like you can paid advertising. If you’re looking to make six figures online, paid traffic is definitely what you should be concentrating on. But there’s another important thing which the top online marketers use to earn the big money.

The Right Business Model

how to make six figures from home

Paying for traffic is costly. Especially if you’re sending paid traffic to low value offers. You can end up spending a lot of money and not making anything. The risk is all on you. That’s why it’s important to choose the right products to promote, so you can make the most of your paid advertising. Plus there’s the important topic of targeted market too. But let’s look at business models first.

It’s easy to think you can choose a product from Amazon, send traffic to it and make a profit on each sale. The trouble is you won’t make a sale from every person you send to the website. Some people will buy and some won’t. If you only make a small commission on your sale, you will need to create a very targeted advert in order to keep up your sales. Your advertising campaign may even fail and you will lose money. This is the point at which most people give up with affiliate marketing.

Choose Subscription Products

Promoting subscription products means that for every sale you make you are earning an income, not just a single commission. Subscription products might be things like website hosting or software which requires continuous payment or membership.

Choose High Ticket Products

If you want to know how to make six figures from home you should choose high ticket products. High ticket products sell for larger amounts and therefore pay higher commissions. This is good in a couple of ways. You not only earn a larger commission for each sale and more easily offset your advertising expenditure, but you can also more easily scale your business into the larger figures.

Choose A Business Model With Up-Sells

Many affiliate products available online only pay you once for the inital sale. The company then takes that customer and re-sells to them again and again. The company gets the value of a lifetime customer, and the affiliate usually only gets paid once. By choosing products to promote online which pay you continuously for up-sells (closed by the company), you can earn again from the same customer. Later sales closed are attributed to you as the initial affiliate. A business model which offers you the lifetime value of a customer is much more valuable than one which only pays you once per customer.

A Model With Multi-Tier Sales

Depending on your placement in a company you can also benefit from multi-tier sales. This means that you can earn commissions from the sales coming from your team. By building a huge team of affiliate marketers you can benefit from lifetime commissions made by their future sales.

How To Make Six Figures From Home – Advertising

how to make six figures from home

Firstly, you need a business model like the one above and a ready made sales funnel. This is an email marketing funnel with automated emails and digital products and services ready to sell. Once this is set up (get started here) you need to advertise.

Top affiliate marketers spend thousands a day on advertising because they know it will bring in profit when they do. however, they don’t necessarily start by spending this amount. Direct response marketing lets anyone start an advertising campaign with a very small budget.

By testing and measuring their advertising campaign over various formats and targeting various demographics and types of people marketers get to know which adverts work well and bring in profit. When you have done this enough you can find a strategy which works and consistently brings in a profit. At this stage you can scale up by simply increasing your advertising budget.

Learn more about paid advertising in my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing. Access an education platform and the tools and products to learn this strategy here.

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