How to make money with Google Adsense

If you are wondering how to make money with Google Adsense this page will shed some light on the subject. Google Adsense is another way to make money online besides affiliate marketing. With Google Adsense you create content on your website or blog and place small adverts which are created by Google on your site. You will need to have a blog or website and a fresh flow of content in order to make money from this method. You don’t necessarily need your own website as you can blog through a free platform such as or There are various sites which allow you to blog with them and also make money from Adsense through their platform. However, it is recommended to have your own website.

You will need an account with Google adsense which you can get here:

Usually you will only make a few pence for each time one of your visitors clicks on your advert so you will need a lot of visitors to your website or blog in order to make any reasonable amount of money from it. Making money with Adsense is a long process which takes time to generate regular income. The most successful sites have thousands of visitors on a daily basis so you will obviously need to create something unique and worthwhile in order to achieve this.

The best way to start a blog is to write about something you are passionate about and already have an interest in. Otherwise you will find yourself running out of things to blog about. You can always outsource your article writing from a site such as or any other outsourcing tool.

How it works

The way you make money from this method is by placing adverts like the one above on your site. Visitors come to your site through Google’s organic searches. This means you don’t pay for advertising but to get visitors to your site you need to create regular content by blogging regularly. You can also make revenue by creating videos and uploading them to Youtube, placing adverts on your channel through Youtube.

You must never click on your own adverts of course or encourage anyone to do the same. Doing this will get you banned from the Adsense program and once this happens it is very difficult if not impossible to reinstate your account.

You can either build a huge authority website or create many small sites which target specific keywords and generate free visitors.

Advantages of making money through Google Adsense

Making money this way is free and you don’t need any money to start up since you will be attempting to rank your articles on Google or find visitors through a blogging platform by interacting with other members and building up a fan base. You don’t need any products to sell and you can blog about pretty much anything. If you enjoy blogging this is a nice way to earn a trickle income. Over the longer term it can turn into a nice stream.

Disadvantages of this method

It takes a long time to build up enough visitors to make money from this method. Google keep changing their algorithms and the competition for Google’s organic results is high. Although I make a trickle income from this method I wouldn’t consider using this method alone from income generation from the internet. You can spend huge amounts of time creating content and still not really get anywhere. Unless you particularly enjoy blogging really it is better to also generate income from affiliate marketing by using the same or similar method because you can earn more with one sale than from hundreds of clicks of your adsense advert – particularly if you promote high ticket products.

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