How to make money with email lists

So you’ve got a website, an email form and a few subscribers; the next step is how to make money with email lists. If you don’t yet have a list see capturing email addresses from your website and ‘why build an email list‘. Building a list is one thing, making money from that list is something else! Your advertising efforts must be congruent with your product or service so that your targeted visitors are already interested in what you are selling. In the simplest terms what this means is that you shouldn’t be building content for one thing and then trying to sell something else. You want targeted visitors to your website or landing pages.

Targeted visitors vs. random passers by

Let’s say you are selling pies. You have a website which sells televisions and you decide to put a banner on your television website to promote your pie business. The people visiting a television website are interested in televisions, not pies! This is of course a simplified version of a bigger concept but the theory still stands. You want your visitors to be very specific, then you don’t waste any time with ‘tyre kickers’. If the content on your site, or in your adverts isn’t specific to your target audience, then they won’t want your products. Even if you get thousands of visitors to your site, the wrong kind of visitors won’t make you any sales.


Get specific with your target audience

To make money with your email list you will of course need a product to sell. If you don’t have a product you can easily sell someone else’s. Here’s a product you can sell straight away even if you have nothing already. Once you have a website and an email capture you need to bring visitors to your website. The kind of visitors you get will determine how well you can sell your product. Getting specific with your particular audience will save you a huge amount of wasted time, money and energy. Write content for that audience specifically and answer the questions they would ask in your content. Ask questions which will help you decide who specifically you want as your website visitors and create content accordingly.

  • What age range are your best possible customers?
  • What specific interests will they have?
  • Are they in a specific location?
  • Is your target audience male/female or both?
  • What kind of books do they read
  • Who do they follow online or in business?

When you know all there is to know about your target audience you are in a much better position to get them either to your website or to target advertising at them. Once you have done this you can get them to opt-in to your mailing list by offering them an amazing deal! – like the one on my website! 😉 – (Enter your email on the right for the free video series).

Build your list

A small list will produce small results. A large list, particularly if that list has been targeted well, will produce larger results. There are many ways to build your list. See ‘what is a successful lead generation strategy‘ for more details on list building.

Build a relationship with your list

Regularly engage with your list by offering valuable content and insight which will be of use. Just selling to your list repeatedly is not a long term tactic – although many marketers do this. That being said you do need a product to sell and offering products to your list is how you get paid.

Digital Products

Promoting other people’s digital products to your list is how the most successful online marketers make a lot of money. However, they also build a huge list as well.

best affiliate programs for blogs

The power of leverage

Imagine if only 1% of your list of subscribers buys a $100 product when you send an email out offering it. You sell $100 worth with 100 subscribers. If your commission is 40% you make $40 on the email you just sent out. If these figures stay true then take a look at the following examples:

200 subscribers = $80 profit

800 subscribers = $320 profit

1000 subscribers = $400 profit

10,000 subscribers = $4000 profit.

This is assuming that 1% of your list purchases an item from your email. As you can see, as your list grows so does your potential earnings. Imagine if your product was priced at $1000 instead of $100 (assuming 40% commission and 1% buying rate, your commission would be $400 a sale)

200 subscribers = $800

800 subscribers = $3200

1000 subscribers = $4000

10,000 subscribers = $40,000.

As you can see, the larger the value of products you sell, and the larger your list becomes, the more you can potentially earn. However this is also dependent on the quality of the leads you attract to your list, how well you communicate with your list to build trust, and of course to quality and value of the products you are promoting.

High Ticket Products

High ticket products give more value, cost more and make make you more money for each sale. It’s well worth using high ticket products for your list because you will be doing the same amount of work anyway as you would with a smaller value item. Don’t assume that people can’t afford these products – with an online business you have a worldwide audience and many of them are happy to pay for greater value.

As you can see from the above example, providing you choose your audience carefully and build a relationship with your list by offering value and over delivering, there is no reason why you can’t sell to at least 1% of your list. As your list grows, so will your bank balance.

Products to sell

There are literally thousands of products which you can sell on the internet:

  • No need for storage
  • No employees needed
  • No need to speak to any customers.

These are affiliate products and as an affiliate you can promote anything through the internet and receive a commission for the sale without having to physically touch a product or even speak to a customer. Not only that but you can operate from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection.

Learn how to build an online business, sell high ticket products and build your business around your lifestyle. Click here for more details.

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