How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing PDF

You can download this full article “how to make money with affiliate marketing pdf” here. So how do you make money with affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a business model which lets you refer customers to other people’s products around the internet. You make money by sending qualified website traffic to products and services. How well you do this, and the products you choose, will determine how much money you can make. Top affiliate marketers have ‘cracked the code’ and learned how to automate and scale this business model to make sale after sale.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing PDF

But how have they done this? What methods do they use and what products do they use? Firstly, there isn’t just one way to do affiliate marketing. Some affiliates concentrate on building content and either ranking their content on Google or YouTube, for example. They build a following and as their traffic grows they recommend certain related products and services.

The main thing they need to get right is matching their content with the products they offer. Say for instance that their blog or YouTube channel is about meditation. Their followers will be finding and watching their channel because they have an interest in meditation and related topics. So they would recommend products which are based around this topic.

Should they not get this right, they could spend a huge amount of time blogging about meditation, but recommending products related to making money online, for example. Their audience is wrong for the topic of online money making and although they might have a huge amount of website traffic, it won’t matter if they choose the wrong products. More about products later.

(Download How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing PDF here)

Other Methods Of Selling Online

Another method of selling online is with paid advertising. Some affiliate marketers use only paid advertising. They don’t build a blog or create a YouTube channel. They concentrate on products first and find a good product range which will sell. Then they use paid advertising to promote their product line to a specific audience. Paid advertising can be very specific.

Again, the goal is to match the audience with the products very well. With advertising such as Google Adwords you can choose to show your adverts only to a very specific section of people. Facebook too allows online advertisers to target specific people according to their interests, age, sex, location and a number of other demographics. Using the Facebook advertising platform allows anyone to be super targeted with their audience when selling affiliate products online. (Download how to make money with affiliate marketing pdf here).

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing PDF

how to make money with affilaite marketing pdf

So these are two different strategies for making money with affiliate marketing. Firstly you can build content, get traffic and send the traffic to other people’s affiliate products. Secondly you can use paid advertising to send website traffic directly to the products without having to create any content. Both methods work if you do them right.

Content creation takes much longer to do but can offer a passive income later on once you have your content working for you. Paid advertising is more expensive up front but can be much faster. You simply turn it on and send traffic instantly. You will need to test and measure your advertising and ‘tweek’ it over time to get the most from it. Most people give up too easily and expect too much from the start. (See why affiliate marketing does not work). With paid advertising there are a number of things to alter to get the most from an advertising campaign:

  • Your advert title, description and images (if any)
  • Your target audience (age, search terms, location, interests and other demographics all play a part)
  • Your product landing page (is it congruent with your advert, does it have a good enticing call to action?)
  • You product – must offer value and be congruent with your audience

Elements Of An Advertising Campaign

In each of these areas there is a number of alterations you can make. By testing and measuring different elements of each campaign against a ‘control’ advert, you can learn which adverts, landing pages and products perform the best. once you have found the best performing advert you can re-test and cross test again against another similar advert to see how it performs. Having a ‘winning’ advert will be obvious by this point.

Scaling Up

Your sales will be greater than your costs. When you are in this position you can scale up and earn more. Simply turning up your daily spend (budget) will result in greater sales. This is how many affiliate marketers make consistent sales. Once they have a strategy which work consistently, they scale up by turning up their budget to make more sales. If your advert costs you $4 and you make $8, you are in a position to start scaling up. Turn up your budget to $8 and see if you make $16. Once you have consistent sales from a campaign like this you know it’s just a matter of increasing your budget to reach more people.

Top affiliates who use paid advertising spend thousands every day to advertise. They didn’t start there, they started small and tested and measured. Once they were in a position to scale up, and were making regular profits, they increased their budget while continuing to test and measure.

how to make money with affiliate marketing pdf

Download this full article “How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing PDF” here.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – Products

The products you choose to sell have a great deal to do with how well you will do as an affiliate marketer. How you sell them will also have a massive bearing and also your own experience and education. Get these three elements right and you will be a successful affiliate marketer.

Your Education

Investing in your online education is a must. I spent years struggling with affiliate marketing because I tried to do it all myself on the cheap. I chose the wrong products and my information was flawed. I built many websites which came to nothing. Only by persevering and being tenacious did I manage to hang in there and achieve any success at all. It doesn’t have to be so hard if you get the right training up front.


Experience is something you get by doing, not by learning. You will make mistakes with affiliate marketing and you should consider this part of your training. Only those people who have persevered with affiliate marketing have achieved success. Some have early success and other struggle. Think of your failures and your experience. never give up and you can never fail. Most affiliate marketers will give up before they see any reasonable amount of success. Don’t be the one who gives up, be the one who perseveres and put the ‘failures’ down to experience.


(Download this full article how to make money with affiliate marketing pdf here.)

The products you choose can also help you learn affiliate marketing. I tried many training courses over the years and have learned something from all of them. Initially I started out choosing products from Clickbank. have a huge range of digital products. You can earn 40%+ commissions from digital products if you find the right niche and manage to sell them. You can also choose products from Some people are more comfortable buying physical products from a company they know, like Amazon. However, you can’t earn the same commissions from physical products on Amazon as you can on digital products.

Subscription Products

It wasn’t until years into my affiliate ‘career’ that I realised about the power of subscription products. Subscriptions can make your life as an affiliate much easier. If you sell a single product you’ll only make a single commission. You need to sell over and over in order to make a living. With subscription products you earn every month from a single sale. Providing your member continues to use the product or service, you earn commissions every month/year just by referring that customer. As you sell more and more, you subscriptions grow and you earn an ‘income’ from previous sale.

High Ticket Products

Selling low value items from can earn you $40 on an item priced at $100. However in order to earn $400 you will need to sell 10 of these items. If you choose high ticket items you can make $400 on a single sale of an item priced at $1000. This makes much more sense when working on the internet. You will be doing is the same amount of work for both the sale of a $100 product and the $1000 product. It makes sense then to choose higher ticket items because you can earn more per sale. If you goal is to earn $10,000 online, a high ticket item will make this much easier. Simply sell 25 items rather than the 250 you would need to sell at $100.

Use A Product ‘Suite’

(Access this full article “How to make money with affiliate marketing pdf” here).

A product ‘suite’ starts out with a low cost item and has a range of products included. If you choose to promote a ‘suite’ you can benefit from sales closed later by the company. A product suite can have subscription products, high ticket items and a range of increasingly higher valued items from which you can earn commissions. Since you can earn greater amount from a suite, it can also mean you are able to pay more in advertising upfront than you would be able to for lower valued items which don’t have a product range included.

Access a training and education platform with a range of high ticket products which you can promote here.

You can download this full article “How to make money with affiliate marketing pdf” here.

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