How to make money while travelling

Do you want to know how to make money while travelling? The idea of travelling the world and making money at the same time is a dream for many but also a reality for some. Many travelers write blogs or have their own online presence which pays for them to travel. They blog about their travels and earn money through affiliate commissions by placing adverts or banners on their website or blog and promoting other peoples products.

A good friend of mine writes blogs and website articles which offer travelling advice and then sells car rental services through his websites. By placing a banner on his site to a local rental company and building a good stream of website visitors, he earns regular commissions with this technique via various websites. This tactic is called niche website marketing. A niche website is created and much of its traffic (visitors) comes from its main keyword which the site is built around. See this article on niche website ideas.

There are various ways to make money while travelling but the internet offers probably the best and most lucrative opportunity which is completely flexible. Providing you have an internet connection and a laptop you can work anywhere in the world and can also benefit from the potential reach which the internet offers.

how to make money while travelling

What’s the downside?

So how do you actually start making money and how long does it take? The down side is that in most cases it can take a long time to build up enough of a following to your website or blog to make any money. You will need to learn new skills or develop the ones you have. Once you have learned the skill of making money from the internet, however, you have it for life. The implications of this are massive. You can be completely independent and never again need a job, boss or even place of work.

Find a mentor

You can spend a lot of time jumping from one fad to another on the internet and never really get anywhere. Take it seriously and get yourself a mentor. Join a program which will teach you how to start making money in the quickest possible amount of time. Learn with Stuart and Jay – my own personal online mentors here.

One of biggest problems which most online marketers or affiliates have is a lack of traffic or visitors to their site. Building a website is one thing, but getting people to your site is the most important thing for affiliate marketing. This can be done in several ways and Stuart and Jay are the masters of online marketing.

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