How To Make Money Selling Other Peoples Products Online

Wondering how to make money selling other peoples products online? Anyone can learn to make money from the internet by selling other people’s products and services. What’s more, you don’t even need to directly sell anything personally; or even speak to any customers! But how does this work?

The business model which lets you do this is known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets anyone earn commissions by selling products and services on the internet through a unique coded link. Affiliate marketers use their link to ‘track’ their sales. For example, some links on this website lead to certain products and services which I recommend to people who might benefit from them. If a product gets sold, I earn a commission.

How To Make Money Selling Other People's Products Online

How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Products Online

Not all affiliate marketers use the same products or the same strategies to get those products in front of customers. Some bloggers use affiliate marketing to monetise their content. Some affiliates find products which are suitable for their own particular passions and interests. There are so many affiliate products on the internet, you can pick a product in most topics you can think of.

Here’s a few strategies which affiliate marketers use to get their products in front of customers:

  • Blogging – Bloggers typically have a passion for what they blog about. By finding suitable products they can earn money from blogging about their passions and interests.
  • Pay per click – Other affiliate marketers just use paid marketing strategies to send traffic (website visitors) directly to products and services on the internet.
  • V’logging – V’logging, or video blogging involves creating interesting and useful videos and uploading them to YouTube. As a v’loggers following increases, they can suggest various affiliate products to their audience.
  • Businesses – small business owners can also use affiliate products to add another product to their range which can be sold directly from their website. Digital products are especially good for this and typically offer larger commissions.
  • List Building – Many affiliate marketers build email lists which grow over time. Some have lists which number into the tens of thousands of subscribers. An affiliate can send out a single affiliate link and make multiple sales if they have built a good list of active subscribers.
How To Make Money Selling Other People's Products Online

Why Choose Digital Affiliate Products?

As an affiliate marketer you can choose any product you can find which you’d like to promote online. Ideally choose a product which you would purchase yourself. Amazon, for example, has thousands of products on it’s website which affiliates can promote and earn money by selling. Typically though, physical products pay much less than digital products. That’s because there’s more cost involved in manufacturing and distributing physical products which need to be stored and physically posted out to customers.

Digital products on the other hand can be accessed over the internet from anywhere. This makes them very easy to sell globally and it allows their delivery to be made completely free – through the internet. Savings made on postage, storage, manufacture and handling costs can therefore be passed on the the affiliates who promote them. Affiliate marketers can earn up to 50% commissions on some digital products.

Don’t You Need Experience To Do This?

As with many things, technological advances have made learning affiliate marketing and profiting from it much easier over the last few years. It’s still a business and of course there’s still much to learn. However, much of the technical skills you needed 10 years ago to launch an online business are no longer necessary.

You can also benefit from programs and software which allow you to build websites and create landing pages very easily and quickly. Click on the image below to see a short video which shows just how easily you can create a monetised website, for example:

How To Make Money Selling Other People's Products Online

What Are The Best Products To Sell Online?

As mentioned, digital affiliate products offer the best value for affiliates in terms of commission – up to 50% of the cost of an item can be earned by the affiliate promoting it. Compare that to about 3-10% for physical products. In addition, you can also earn more by promoting membership and software type products. These kinds of products are subscription based. As long as you join a good company, you will be rewarded for lifetime commissions of membership sales.

Subscription based affiliate programs are things which offer lifetime value. They can be things like software packages and memberships. The benefit of selling subscription products is that they continue to pay for the lifetime of the member. As your membership sales grows, so does your income.

How Do I Get Started?

To learn more about starting with an online program you can sign up to my email list by clicking here to access a 7 day video series.

To get started immediately, you can access the app for $29.95. This gives you access to module 1 of the SFM business system and you can access a consultant who will answer any questions you might have. The app comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and no quibble refund policy.

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