How to make money from the internet

There are thousands of people looking for the ‘magic bullet’ which will show them how to make money from the internet. The truth is: it’s not that easy. Like any business it takes time and work to have a profitable income system which continues to make money. Internet businesses are attractive because of the low start up costs involved and the potential for massive sales and also the flexibility an online business can offer. More people start an internet business than succeed. The trick is to never give up!

I started looking to the internet as a means to creating a flexible income which I could work around the other film work I do. I began with buying and selling on ebay to make some extra money in between jobs. After a while of doing this (see how I made money with ebay), I decided there had to be an easier way to sell products through the internet. This was when I started looking into affiliate marketing. The thing was, I was continually searching for items to sell and had a room full of stuff that wouldn’t budge! I spent half the week queuing at the post office and was really not making enough to make it worth my while.

Affiliate marketing offered a way to make money online without having any stock or having to talk to any customers. It is a means to sell digital and physical products through the internet. I liked the idea of selling digital products the most since you could sell them at any time, anywhere in the world. No-one needed to be there to make the sale as the systems in place automated the entire process. You could sell a tonne of products while you were asleep. This appealed because all you needed was a laptop. It was neat. There were no products to store and all the work involved could be done on a laptop from anywhere in the world.

I persevered with this idea and took several online courses which claimed to teach how this was done. Some were moderately successful and some were not. It took a while before I gained any traction with the idea and I was destined to find my current mentors who have helped me steer a steady path since joining them. I went to a seminar to meet them and low and behold they did actually exist! There are many online marketers who exist of course, but not many who are prepared to meet and help their students in person! They are now my mentors: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. See Stuarts video here.

Much of what I have learned since joining The Six Figure Mentors is about self development and developing the owner, not just the business. As an internet marketer, you are the driver of the ship and ultimately responsible for whether it gets anywhere or not. It is easy to get overwhelmed and drown in confusion when setting about with an internet business. There are so many avenues to take it is easy to become distracted with the next shiny thing – or as it was in my case the next best ‘system’. Your ‘education‘ in internet marketing is the most important thing.

Being an affiliate marketer you need products to sell. The SFM have some of the best products on the market and a community of people all determined to succeed online. They also operate a back end sales system which you can benefit from with your affiliate sales.

The community was of enormous help as previously I knew no-one who was even remotely interested in owning and operating an internet business. Having been put in touch with like minded people I would definitely recommend it. It is much more difficult in pursuing a path when your friends, peers and family are swimming in a different direction. Having like minded people in my circle of friends has helped me enormously.

My top tips for how to make money from the internet

1. Find some awesome affiliate products

2. Connect with like minded people

3. Use affiliate products with a built in up-selling sales team

4. Build a list of subscribers to give value to.

7. Keep building content which offers value

8. Sell high ticket products

You can start your internet business today with a company which offers all these things. Learn the quickest way to build a flexible income from your laptop with the minimum of fuss. You can access a fully automated sales system and benefit from high ticket sales, a back end sales team and up and running website in just a few clicks. Click here and meet Stuart Ross who will talk you through the basics of an internet business.

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