How To Make A Website For Selling Items

Are you looking to learn how to make a website for selling items? Selling products and services through a website is how affiliate marketers make money online. There are various ways to do this and you don’t even need products of your own – you can sell anything online as long as it has an affiliate program. If you already have a product of your own you can of course sell that too! Start an internet business here and get a website up and running.

Ebay – The Auction Site

Ebay is the best known site for selling your own goods worldwide. Anyone can open an account on ebay and list their item for sale.

Start A Blog For Free

Sites like and allow you to build a website/blog for free in a few minutes and list anything you would like to sell on it. Weebly, hubpages and other free blogs and websites like it, aren’t very well listed in the search engines however, simply because there are so many sites on it popping up. If you want to get your site found on Google – the biggest search engine, and sell multiple times, you need to build a website of your own.

Get A Website Up and Running

This platform allows you to get a pre-populated website up and running with the minimum of hassle. In addition you can benefit from products and services which will be pre-listed on your website. Click here to get started.

Getting Traffic To Your Website

how to make a website for selling items

Once you have a website up and running you need to get visitors to it to sell products. Depending on what you are selling will determine your target audience. Determining your target audience and writing content specifically for them, will help to you tailor your content to the right people. See SEO friendly content writing tips for more on this.

How To Make A Website For Selling Items

Writing your blog should be done in a way which appeals to your target audience. Learning everything involved in how to make a website for selling items involves a number of skills. Particularly you need to find customers looking for exactly what you have to offer – tailoring content to products. Sending the wrong people to your website won’t result in a sale. Use Google’s free keyword planner and your websites/products main keywords to find other keyword combinations in your niche. Find keywords which are likely to be ‘buyer’ keywords. A ‘buyer’ keyword is a keyword which has a buying intent within it. Such as “buy a bmx bike in Oxford”. This keyword tells us where the person is looking to buy a bike. If we had a bike shop in Oxford we might want to target this particulat keyword. A keyword like “free bike parts” isn’t a buyer keyword. It’s someone looking for something for free. If you are selling things through your website you want to concentrate on the keywords which bring buyers to your site, not tyre kickers!

Write To Be Found On Google

Build your content in such a way that over time you will have a steady stream of traffic from many sources of long tail keywords. See finding long tail keywords. Watch the video below for more on this. Just writing content won’t necessarily get you found on Google. You need to write for the long tail keywords which will get found AND which also brings buyers to your website.

The Best Items To Sell Through A Website

The best things to sell online are membership courses which give affiliate commissions. The reason is that it not only makes money for you at the point of sale, but also every month thereafter as long as the person remains a member. In addition, high ticket products with an up-sell built in mean that building your own internet business is a much more viable concept over the long term than from only selling smaller value products and making one time commissions. Learn more about how to make a website for selling items here.


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