How To Keep Writing Inspiring Blogs

So many businesses now have their own blogs and keeping up with new and fresh content can be a little tough at times. Here are 12 ideas to keep you inspired in your writing and keep your visitors coming:

1. Write about what you are passionate about

It’s much easier to write about something which you care about and have a passion for than to try and write about something for which you have no interest. If you find yourself with writers block it simply means you need to recharge with some positive material…

2. Subscribe to emails within your niche market

I subscribe to a number of business and entrepreneurial websites which spit out emails on a daily basis – often with inspirational stories and anecdotes. You can then use these ideas to write your own content or to get inspired about a topic of somesort. Obviously I’m not condoning copying and pasting here!

3. Read back through your own material

If you are a blogger you can get inspired by reading some of your old blogs. An idea you have related in the past can spark a new thought which can lead to a new post.

4. Research the internet for inspiring content within your niche

Don’t forget you have access to the world wide web. Its only limitation is your imagination! If we could go back in time and tell our ancestors that in the future we would have a device that gave us assess to the entire knowledge of the world…everything that has ever been known,  and only used it to watch people falling over…..!!!

5. Solve your own problems

If you have a problem in your business, chances are that thousands of others have a similar problem. Do you find it difficult maintaining positive when working alone? Are you constantly interrupted during your writing? How can you best overcome your problems in an ongoing and definitive manner. Share your findings in your blog. For example one of my issues when working from home was in getting distracted and spending the entire day dawdling on Facebook and re-checking my emails. An entire day wasted. I have now learned to prioritize my time and do the most important activities first thing before I even go near Facebook – still working on that however! See this article on prioritising your time.

6. Do something else

If you’re sitting about waiting for inspiration sometimes it’s because you have nothing to be inspired about! You have writers block because you are trying too hard! Forget about it for a while and leave the house. Often we become closed down to the very thing we are trying to attain simply because we get in our own way and cloud our minds with frustration. Do something different which takes you completely away from the problem. Often our inspiration comes when we consciously turn away from the issue. It allows our subconscious mind to work on the problem and it will tell us when it is ready.

7. Do Inspiring things!

It’s almost a given that you can’t be very inspiring if all you do is sit writing all the time! You need to be inspired first before you can write about it!

8. Spend time with people who are inspiring

If we spend too much time alone we can get closed in and cut off from the source of our passion. This can happen even if we are surrounded by people who aren’t in sync with how we are feeling or thinking. Step out of your comfort zone and try finding a new experience.

9. Write about what you are doing within your business

I have just started on this blog and have recently planned a course in the Midlands with a member of the SFM. I am inspired by this course and it has helped my business immensely. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to earn money from the internet. Writing about what you are doing, even if you are currently struggling is a great way to get the ball rolling when writing your blog. As you touch upon an issue it can inspire you to elaborate on it. Many people will relate to you even if your message is one of your struggling and overcoming difficulties.

10. Tell a story

Story telling is always a great way to not only inspire your readers but also yourself in the process. If you are facing difficulties write about a time when you overcame a similar difficulty in the past.

11. Know your audience

Sometimes writing can be difficult if we don’t know who will be reading our material. We don’t know how to put ourselves across for the best ‘reaction’. It is often this very self consciousness which stops us from moving forwards. Knowing your audience and who you are writing for is useful in terms of what to write about but sometimes it is nice to forget all that and simply write what you want to hear yourself!

12, Write for yourself

Think about what the best most positive thing is that you could write about for your own personal satisfaction. What would you most like to write about and how would you like to write it? Imagine no-one would be reading it other than you. This mind-set allows you to forget to be self conscious about your writing and just let it flow.



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