How to get signed off work

If you are looking for ways how to get signed off work it may be you are suffering from anxiety or depression and feel that your job is affecting your health in some way. There can be many reasons why you want to be signed off – perhaps it is simply a feeling that you don’t have the space in your life to make the right decisions for yourself. You feel trapped by the lifestyle you have been paying for from your wage, so unable to give it up, and resentful at having to continually work, perhaps in an unhelpful environment which doesn’t meet your needs any more. This is a serious problem for many people and if it is causing your health to suffer then you have a legitimate reason to get signed off by your doctor.

You can simply book an appointment at your local health center and talk to your doctor about what is happening with you. Whether your doctor would recommend this is another matter and really will depend on how bad you think the situation is and how you convey this to your doctor.

Are there any alternatives? 

Many people who are in this position are feeling the pressure of the jobs or careers they are in. Over the long term, continued stress and pressure can manifest in real physical health problems. If you are looking for ways how to get signed off work then you are probably already very stressed and unhappy in your job. Managing the stress is a good first step in combating the build up which causes depression, anxiety and various other symptoms such as apathy, listlessness, low energy and a general malaise. Once it takes hold, it is hard to find a way out of this cycle.

How to manage your stress levels

Taking charge of your mental state is an important part of lowering stress levels and anxiety and avoiding the build up of pressure on your mind and body.

  • Meditation – meditation helps you to lower your blood pressure, slow down breathing and heart rate, control your thoughts and still your mind. This has a knock on effect if you practice regularly and you will notice that things will effect you less once you are grounded in a peaceful and calm state. Reacting negatively to events will happen less often and you will choose calmer thoughts, reactions and begin to create an air of calm about you. Much of the stress in your life is attributed to your reactions to situations. You can choose a different reaction or not to react at all, or you can choose a different situation altogether. By practicing meditation regularly you will become more conscious of the thoughts you permit to remain in your conscious mind.
  • Regular exercise – our busy lives are very stressful but there is less need for us to be physical. We no longer hunt our own food or have to do physical jobs any more so exercise has become and in becoming more a matter of choice. As a result our stress levels are rising and our health problems are becoming a problem. Cancer and heart related deaths are on the rise and lack of exercise is one of the main causes. By taking time to exercise regularly so as to become out of breath, we are countering our stress levels through creation of chemicals in the brain. It makes us stronger and better able to deal with stress and many of life’s difficulties.
  • Proper diet – To food we eat is a huge factor in our levels of health. We are supplied with food which has been heavily processed and packaged to allow us to eat quickly on the go! However, the quality of our diet is diminishing. With all the additives in our food and the chemicals used to make it look better, store for longer and taste nicer, what is lacking is the health giving properties which combat ill health and boost our immune systems. Make sure you are eating natural food which is untampered with; fresh fruit and vegetables should be part of your regular diet. Avoid too much processed, tinned, and long shelf life food and especially processed meat.

Build an escape plan for the long term

Do you have a passion or talent for something which you could turn into a business or even which could help distract you from work related problems? Even if you don’t consider your hobbies as possible career moves, they can help you to escape the anxiety associated with being ‘trapped’ by work. If you can build a long term plan to escape your current situation it may lift the weight of it, knowing there is an alternative to your current situation and circumstance. Focusing on something you want can help to shift your anxieties away from your problems and towards solutions. The stress and strain of finding the right path for you can lead to a complete shut down in your abilities to solve your problems. By loosening the weight of those problems you can begin to regain your ability to make constructive decisions and take steps towards making positive changes.

Work for yourself

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