How To Get Out Of Sales Career Path

Are you wondering how to get out of sales career path? If you have a career in sales and have done nothing else for years, don’t despair. There are always options to move towards another position, even if it’s over a longer time span. First let’s have a look at what it is which you really don’t like about your work.

How To Get Out Of Sales Career Path – Working For The ‘Man’

how to get out of sales career path

Do you hate your boss or simply the routine? Is it the constant pressure of hitting deadlines which is burning you out? Can you move departments or look for a less pressured job elsewhere? Where else might value your particular skill set?

Moving out of any industry is difficult, especially if you have invested a lot of your life in it. The longer you have been in a particular sector the harder it is to move out of it and build experience in another field. However, sales jobs have plenty of transferable skills which can be used in other industries. If you have experience as a sales person you are probably good with people.


How To Get Out Of Sales Career Path – Barriers To Change

If you have been working in the same job for a while, you will probably have built up a few habits. Making the jump to a new career path isn’t easy and the longer you have been in a particular role, the more difficult the transition. Your whole life will be built around your job and changing it isn’t an overnight job. You need to take steps towards the transition so that when the opportunity arises you are able to take a leap of faith towards a new role. how to get out of sales career path

How To Get Out Of Sales Career Path – Baby Steps Forwards

First up decide you are going to change paths. You don’t have to know all the answers just yet. However there are probably several things holding you back. Fear is the biggest obstacle. Your probably fairly comfortable in your role and that’s why it bores you to tears. You you will need to get uncomfortable in order to change. To make this easier here are some basic steps to unburden the transition when it comes:

  • Stop living to your means (or above them) and start putting some money aside. Having a ‘safety net’ will help to lessen to financial stress of changing career. Pay off debts and set up a standing order into another account as savings. Cut back on your most expensive habits.
  • Start looking at other jobs which you can do. Apply to companies you would like to work for. Remember many jobs aren’t advertised so think outside the box and just get into the habit of looking and applying for now. Make a habit of this whatever the outcome.
  • Look at other opportunities you might not have thought of. You can run a home based business alongside your current job until it replaces your current income.

How To Get Out Of Sales Career Path – Tough Questions

If you’re reading this you have probably really had enough of your sales job. If that is true you still need to choose a new direction before leaving your current job. Unless you have saved for a well funded retirement. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine what exactly it is you don’t like about your job:

  • Can you improve things while keeping your job?
  • Would the possibility of a change make you feel better?
  • What is the worst thing about your job?
  • What is the best thing about your job?
  • What did you want to do when you were little?
  • What would you do if you knew you would be successful?

How To Get Out Of Sales Career Path - Be Proactive

Most people stay in their careers because it helps them feel safe. They know they will get a regular wage at the end of the month. That becomes their priority, especially when they start living beyond it! Don’t get caught up in the ‘safe’ trap and let your circumstances control you. Remember you chose your career path and to stay in it. You can choose another one. Here are a few basic steps to do to keep you feeling proactive about changing your career or simply keeping your options open:

  • Keep your CV up to date. By maintaining your CV you will be reminding yourself what your skill set is and preparing yourself for a new position
  • Keep looking for jobs which interest you. Apply to those which stand out. Whatever the outcome, remind yourself you can change your job if you find the right opportunity. It might not happen straight away but by keeping an open mind and maintaining a positive outlook (and applying) you have greater chance at getting a job you want.
  • Use your network of friends and colleagues – Often opportunities come from people ‘in the know’, rather than from job adverts.
  • Call up companies you would like to work for and get more information. They may not openly advertise jobs which could be appropriate for you skill set.

How To Get Out Of Sales Career Path – Build  Your Own Internet Based Business

People from all walks of life are discovering the power of the internet to build a long term sustainable income stream from their laptops. Often it is those over 40 who are becoming the biggest leaders in this industry. An internet business can be worked both part time and full time, and can be built up around existing employment.

This makes it one of the best opportunities for changing career paths later in life. Full training is available here and anyone can do this if they have a laptop and an internet connection. You can also use your sales experience to benefit your business. However, selling directly isn’t necessary as you will see.

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