How to get more subscribers on YouTube

There are various ways how to get more subscribers on YouTube, which in turn will bring more traffic to your videos from your subscribers. This is a great way to grow your business whatever it might be. Each subscriber will be notified whenever you upload a new video giving more chance to develop a greater audience.

Here are just a few simple tips which will help you to get new subscribers more quickly to your YouTube channel:

  1. ASK your viewers to subscribe to your channel in your video! You can do this in the video itself while you are talking, through annotations which ask for the viewer to subscriber and with a call to action during or at the end of your video. Remember to tell your viewer what to do (subscribe), how to do it (click the box on the left) and why they should do it – (get instant access to my upcoming videos on this useful topic).
  2. Create more videos! Of course this sounds obvious but there will be many people looking for subscribers but who aren’t regularly creating videos. Be consistent in your content creation and make regular videos while targeting keywords in your niche – (see my videos for advice on this).SocialMediaIconcollage
  3. Interact with other YouTube users! Use the comments section on other videos in your niche to give value. When people see your comments, and if they like them, they may well look at your page/channel.
  4. Subscribe to other people’s channels who are in your business niche. They may well return the favor but even if they don’t you will have connected with someone who could well watch your videos.
  5. Put a subscribe button on your website. You can see mine at the top on the right hand side of the page. Get one here. 
  6. Make your videos useful! Make sure you are creating a good quality video which offers value and stands out. There are thousands of videos to compete with so try and improve the quality of your videos each time.
  7. Feature other channels in your ‘featured channel’ section. This shows people you are connecting to others on YouTube and will also help people get to know you. Pick channel in your niche which you genuinely like and admire.
  8. You can always hold a contest with your videos using some sort of ‘hook’ such as a prize when you reach a certain number of subscribers. For example “When I get to 1000 subscribers I will create a webinar on such and such..”.

Creating regular videos which offer value driven content is possibly the best way to build a list of subscribers. Think about why people would subscribe to your channel and about the channels you have subscribed to and why. I hope this has been a helpful blog on How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube. If you have a comment please leave it below or you can comment on my video below. Many thanks.

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