How to get more opt ins

How to get more opt ins on your website or blog is a question most internet marketers should be asking themselves. An ‘opt in’ is basically a business lead who has deliberately ‘opted in’ to your email capture to receive some information that you are providing through an automated email account such as Aweber. Opt ins are collected either through your website or a separate landing page. You can pay to advertise your separate landing page through a platform like Facebook and this is a good way to target the quality leads you will need in order to generate sales. Remember not all leads or ‘opt ins’ are made equal. What you want in your sales funnel is quality leads.

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What is a quality lead?

Some  visitors to your site may opt in to receive free information and insights but have no intention of buying anything. This is fine but won’t make you any sales. You want the exact type of visitor who will benefit from your products and services and also who is likely to invest in them. If you value your products, which you should do, you want visitors and ‘opt ins’ who value them too. Depending on your particular service you will need to get very specific about what your ideal opt in is like. What are their interests and demographics? Where do they live? Using Facebook is useful for getting specific about who you serve your advertising to, but you should also ‘qualify’ your leads before sending them to a landing page.

Qualifying leads

Although the title of this article is ‘how to get more opt ins’, quality is just as important as quantity. You want to qualify leads so that you get the right kind of people through your sales funnel. To qualify your leads or ‘opt ins’ simply be honest about what you are offering in your sales pitch and what you might be promoting. Rather than creating an advert that says ‘Get free stuff’ you want to niche down to let only those people who you really want to go through the funnel. Be honest and offer value to your ideal customers. Think of talking to your best possible customer when writing the sales copy.

More traffic means more opt ins – not necessarily. Your website is a great tool for generating leads but you need to not only generate more traffic with regular blogging and link building activities (see this article on how to get more blog traffic), but also you want to improve your conversion rate.

How do I improve my conversion rate?

A better conversion rate means more opt ins. Not only do you want to drive quality leads to your website/landing page but you also want them to opt in to your email capture and sign up to your newsletter or whatever you are offering. (For me it’s this free video course!) So how do I improve my conversion rate? A/B testing is a good way to start. For example changing a few things on your email capture page can make all the difference. For instance changing the button on your email capture from ‘submit’ to something more dynamic like ‘get your download now’ is a proven way to increase your conversions. By testing two slightly different capture pages over the same number of visits to each you can learn which page is better for conversions and alter your text, images and content accordingly.

Write content which qualifies visitors 

Regularly blogging is another proven way to increase your opt in rate. But blog about things your ideals visitors will want to know about. Don’t just blog about random stuff. Target your visitors by using the keyword planner in Google Adwords. This can help you find appropriate blog titles which people in your nice are already searching for.

Add call to action links and opt ins on your website

Make sure your visitors know what you are offering. Offer more than one way for them to opt in. If you can provide a free e-book or some other useful tool this may prompt a visitor to opt in who otherwise wouldn’t have done so. Make it easy for them to find your opt in form and create links in your content like this one: Struggling with your online business? Access this free video course and get the help you need!

I hope some of the advice in this article has been of use? Do you have any more tips or hints on building up your email list yourself? Please add them in the comments below if so I would be very grateful for all your input.


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