How to get more blog traffic

If you are a blogger you have probably wondered how to get more blog traffic at some stage. Traffic means more people looking at your blog or website and this means more people will sign up to your email list, buy your products and ideally become long term customers. It all starts with traffic to your blog. It isn’t the only factor in building an online business but its a major one. You still need to have good content on your site, a style that people like to read and products that offer value and improve people’s lives. Traffic on its own doesn’t necessarily mean more profits, but that aside let’s focus on what you came here for: how to get more blog traffic?

1. Content is king! Regularly posting to your blog or website is one of the best things you can do to increase the number of people finding your site. How do they find you? You share your posts on social media AND ideally you also get picked up on Google if you lazer target your articles. How do you lazer target your articles?


2. Use keyword planner to find long chain keyword searches and then target them in your content. You can just write what you fancy writing about but if you target your articles according your particular niche, and pick specific topics which you know are already searched for, you can pick up a few extra visits per month for each article you write. See niche website ideas for more info on this.

3. Post your articles to Facebook  and promote your posts. Facebook allows you to even target your audience through the platform down to the interests of your viewers. This means you can target people in your niche specifically and write about what they want to know – by checking out the keyword planner first. Find their problems and write your articles around providing answers.

4. Collect emails and build your subscribers list. As your list grows you have a captive audience who have visited your blog already and subscribed to your email list. This means they are targeted visitors who have already shown an interest. (Provided you collected their email through your website). Email them linking back to your new blogs and you have a another stream of visitors on tap.

5. Post your blog links throughout the internet on freebie websites. There are many ‘free-ad’ type website which will allow you to post absolutely free. Make a habit of posting on these sites and you will pick up another source of visitors.

6. Guest blog on other peoples sites. Although you would probably want to save your best content for your own site, you can still blog for other’s sites in return for a link back to your own blog. This is common practice among bloggers. Just do a Google search for bloggers in your niche offering guest posts.

7. Another way to build links back to your site and generate traffic is by posting articles on the various article sites and forums available such as EzineArticles, Goarticles, Hubpages, Squidoo and the like. Sites like these allow links back to your blog in exchange for an article. This can help your link profile too and increase your site’s ‘authority’ with Google which in turn can help boost your post’s rankings in the search engine.

8. Advertising of course is a fast and reliable method of generating instant traffic back to your blog. There are many forms of advertising. You can buy advertising space from other successful bloggers in your nice and place adverts on their sites, advertise with the Google Adwords program and of course there is Facebook.

9. Comment on other bloggers articles. Most bloggers like comments on their blogs because it helps build authenticity and shows Google that they are real and creating a useful discussion. Google likes to see interaction and it helps to build trust between the bloggers themselves and the visitors. It shows that people are interacting and that the blogger is real and not just some cyber monkey posting automated spun articles. By posting a useful and contextual comment on someones blog which is then approved, you will often be able to place a link back to your blog. This is good in two ways – other readers can see you link and come to your blog through it, and it shows Google you have more incoming links from related blogs. This is a factor in how Google will rate a site and therefore how it will rank in the searches.

10. Post on social media sites linking back to your blog. This can be done on any social media site of course and there are many. Youtube is a great way to build more traffic either by posting videos of your own which promote your blog or even commenting on videos which receive a lot of traffic themselves. One tactic I learned from an internet marketer was particularly clever. He would post comments on highly popular videos which received thousands of views but would deliberately go ‘against the grain’ with his comments. Not so far to get banned but to generate some reaction enough to perhaps generate a visit to his profile and click on his website.

Can you think of any more traffic generating methods? Please share them below in the comments section if so and help show me and others how to get more blog traffic.

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