How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast

How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast is a book I had the good fortune of finding recently which has completely changed the way I look at goal setting and mindset.  I was working my way through Stuart and Jays course and doing all the tasks I needed to complete in order to move my online business forward. For each step that involved buying something like this one I hit some major internal resistance. A book called ‘How to get lots of money for anything fast‘ was surely not going to deliver on its promises – I thought – coming from a cynical part of the world as I have! But I was committed to moving forwards and out of my comfort zones. One of my main obstacles was avoiding spending money, or spending money at all, since I had always seemed to have so little of the stuff – perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy.


I also printed the book out as recommended on the course – which was rather a laborious task at the time! All 225 pages of it! I felt quite satisfied that I had done all this and sat back to relish in my accomplishment! All I had to do now was read it! It’s strange how buying things has its own sense of accomplishment tied to it. Reading it seemed like a chore as I felt I had already done all the hard work!

I did get round to reading it and was pretty hooked to say the least. I have read a lot of books on the subject of goal setting and tapping into the subconscious mind to produce results and to be honest I didn’t feel that this book could offer anything which I didn’t already know. But I was in for a shock! Stuart Lichtman has developed what he calls the ‘Cybernetic Transposition Technique’ which is effectively a technique to fine tuning and integrating the conflicting parts of yourself which normally will produce, at best, conflicting and limited results in your life. The title of the foreword by Stuart Lichtman gives you an idea of the impact of this book “How I raised 2.5 Million Dollars, Died for 8 minutes, and Developed the Cybernetic Transposition Techniques”! This is not just some cheesy American ‘Get Rich Quick’ ebook – far from it!

I began implementing the material in the book – which isn’t a breeze, it has to be said! This is a ‘doing’ book and for those who genuinely want to achieve something in their lives, not just a ‘good read’! It’s very easy to say ‘I don’t want it that much’ and give up. This is for those who do want it that much!

One of my first goals was to sell an app from the Six Figure Mentors course and then following that I wanted to sell an Elite membership – a high ticket sale, before my birthday and within 2 months. Stuart Lichtman’s book tells you to repeat your goal many times, so much so that it is etched into your subconscious mind so that your subconscious is constantly working on it – even when you are not consciously paying attention to it. You are also given exercises to ‘integrate’ conflicting parts of your mind so as to develop a goal which is in complete agreement with your goals, integrity and the wider world.

One of the main problems with writing down goals is that we have conflicting inner intentions which do not want them to be achieved – for whatever reason. It may be that we don’t feel we deserve it, that we have an inner issue with what a particular achievement might represent, we are afraid of success or we simply don’t believe it is possible. Stuart teaches in his book how to resolve these inner conflicts and ‘side’ with our unconscious minds, integrating ourselves and removing the inner conflicts. Getting clear on exactly what it is that you want.

It is often said that knowing what you want is the largest obstacle to success. Once you are clear on this, it is easy to focus on it. When we are constantly looking from one thing to another, we achieve nothing. By zeroing in on the one thing which we can achieve we can make almost anything happen!

I made my sale yesterday and was sitting in the sun having lunch when I checked my email to find a nice payment had come in! It’s my first ever high ticket sale through affiliate marketing and it was quite a moment. I even had a month to spare before my birthday!

Something you can’t put a price on is belief and it’s the one thing which can either sink or float a business – particularly an online business.

Get a copy and How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast here and make it a habit to do the exercises in it and you won’t be sorry. (This is of course my affiliate link so I do make a commission from the sale.)

You can also get the first edition here. 

If you haven’t already checked out The Six Figure Mentors free bootcamp course you can join here to see how you can make a full time business from the internet. 

One of the great things about this book is that you can apply it to any area of life – it doesn’t have to be about money!

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  1. shame …If only people knew more about this…but I guess its because its not like the other methods that come in a feel good package.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us

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