How To Get Into Digital Marketing With No Experience

Are you wondering how to get into digital marketing with no experience? I find digital marketing a fascinating topic and started learning several years ago through various online marketing courses. I’ve also written a couple of short ebooks on the topic of both blogging with SEO and Digital Marketing. Get both my ebooks  Niche Blogging For Profit and The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

How To Get Into Digital Marketing With No Experience

I started off with ebay and used the massive auction site to buy and sell. I earned a little ‘on the side’ income from this too. You can check out my article on a clever little strategy I used: how to start a profitable ebay business. How does this relate to digital marketing? Well ebay was my first step into the world of digital marketing. Ebay is ‘online’ of course and you have a global marketplace at your fingertips with ebay. It’s a good place to get started if you have no knowledge at all. Anyone can list an item on ebay and sell something to anyone in the world. It’s a pretty amazing platform.

If you’re wondering how to get into digital marketing with no experience, ebay is a good place to start.

However, and that being said, despite running a small ‘buy and sell’ ebay business for a while, I realised it wasn’t ultimately what I wanted to do. The model I was using was time consuming and it also wasn’t taking full advantage of digital marketing. I knew I could do better by using more automation. This led me to learn more about digital marketing.

how to get into digital marketing with no experience

How To Get Into Digital Marketing With No Experience – Affiliate Marketing

My ebay business wasn’t working fast enough. I picked up an ebook from ebay which claimed to teach an ebay business model. It’s the one I shared in the previous link. Check it out here: how to start a profitable ebay business. The ebook purchase got me thinking of a business model which required no consicous effort once it was all set up.

The ebook was a fully automated business model, an autopilot money making machine of sorts! I wanted something like this. This was a scalable business model which only needed an endless stream of ready buyers! The business model I later came to discover and choose was affiliate marketing.  This is how to get into digital marketing with no experience – become an affiliate marketer!

Affiliate marketing is a business model which rewards you for referring people to digital (and physical) products on the internet. To become successful as an affilaite marketer you need to learn digital marketing.

Learning Digital Marketing

An affiliate business works in much the same way as the ebook I had bought from ebay. It’s advertised through keywords on ebay. That’s how I found it. Then I looked at the listing, liked the look of it, (and the price) and bought it. I paid over Paypal and my ebook was delivered automatically over the internet. All nice and simple! They guy got paid, I got my ebook and all using automated websites.

It’s the same business model for many websites you have probably used already. Amazon is an affiliate website. Anyone can join Amazon’s affiliate network and promote any item on the site for an affiliate commission.

The main thing affiliate marketers need to learn is digital marketing. So if you’re wondering how to get into digital marketing with no experience, that’s where I am heading!

how to get into digital marketing with no experience

Different Areas Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing covers a lot of areas and within the topic of digital marketing is:

  • Keyword research
  • Blogging
  • Article marketing
  • link building
  • YouTube video marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook
  • Retargeting
  • List building
  • the list goes on and on.

Plus there’s new technology being devised all the time around the subject of digital marketing. You can’t learn everything at once so you need to start somewhere. If you have a small business, the place to start if often with Google Adwords. Google Adwords can make a massive impact on most businesses.

If you have a business and aren’t using Google Adwords, you should be. Your customers are searching for a business like yours right this minute. Unless your advert is up there at the top of Google, you’ll get left behind! At the very least you’re leaving money on the table. Most of these platforms have a step by step tutorial which talks you through your first advert set up. There’s more about this in my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing. You can start an Adwords Account here.

how to get into digital marketing with no experience

Once you have learned how to use the Google Adwords platoform, you can transfer the same skills over to Bing and Yahoo. Bing’s advertising platform can also be directly synchronised with your Adwords account. So if you have set up a campaign on Adwords you can shift all the settings over quite easily.

Google Places

Google’s Places is a free advertising platform for local business. If you have a physical business and are not on Google Places, you should be. It’s free after all! Again, the platform is quite user friendly and you can get to grips with it fairly easily. Bing and Yahoo have similar platforms too and once you have done the work once, you’ll have a free listing set up for your business for good! It’s a great free source of website traffic so don’t miss out. You can also use these free listings to set up a business from your home too.

Digital Marketing – The Potential

There’s a huge potential in the technology available from an internet connection and the computer you’re currectly using. Most people are completely unaware of how this technology can totally change their lives. I came into digital marketing from an affiliate marketing point of view. I was looking for a business model which I could use to generate an income from the internet. This is the reason most people are looking into digital marketing – to help their or someone else’s business.

Digital marketing can do this very well for pretty much any business. By targeting certain keywords on Google, any business owner can find specific enquiries which match their business. If they set up an advert properly, they can find new potential customers on ‘autopilot’ by sending them directly to their website.

Direct Response Marketing

This is the beauty of direct response marketing. You pay for each click you advert gets too, which means you can measure every action taken. You can also change each element of your advert too which means you can cross test adverts against each other. The ‘winning’ advert is the one which brings in the most customers for the least cost. This takes time to do but it’s well woth the effort. Many advertisers quit too soon, well before they’re in a position to scale up.

Facebook offers an amazing opporutnity for business owners too. Facebook lets you specify exactly what kind of person you target with your adverts. This can even be as specific as people they know, books they read or interrests they have. You can target specific countries, regions and even local people near you business.

In combination with an online digital business system, digital marketing can completely change the way we work too.

Access a revolutionary business system and learn more about online digital marketing here.

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