How to get free targeted traffic from ebay

If you have a website to promote you will probably know that the main problem is getting visitors to your site. Not only do you want visitors to your site but ideally you will want targeted visitors. Targeted visitors are visitors who are interested in whatever it is your website or blog is about. You don’t want random visitors but targeted visitors.

Here is a free way to find targeted visitors from the online auction site

Firstly you need to create a listing. You can create a free listing providing you start the auction a low price. I start my listings at 0.01 pence and this generally means the listing is free. Put your main keywords in the title. This is how your listing will be found by people searching through ebay. If you don’t list your main keywords then you won’t be found. Try to cover as many main terms which refer to your business niche as possible in your listing title. Think outside the box and don’t aim for keywords which are too competitive.

In your description list your website link. Make it clear what you offer on your site and it is best to link to a landing page if you have one. Landing pages (like this one) offer less choice than a website and so if your goal is to build a list of subscribers send visitors to a specific page which has been built for this purpose. Sending visitors to a website gives them far too much choice. They are less likely to subscribe to your list from a website than from a landing page.

Although you can’t expect to get very many visits from this tactic, you can get a small trickle by this method. By listing several times you can cover more keywords in your titles and appeal to a greater audience by listing the same site in many different ways. This is just one traffic generating method and if you have multiple methods of free traffic generation then you can build up a steady flow of visitors to your landing page and through your sales funnel. If you want to learn more about building a list of subscribers, selling other people’s digital products online and developing yourself in line with an online business please see this link.

See this video on you tube at how to get free targeted traffic from ebay.

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