How to generate leads for network marketing

Below is my video for how to generate leads for network marketing. This is just a simple method that anyone can use to generate leads either to a website or through your email. It simply involves free ads which are available throughout the world and can be found simply by typing in ‘Freeads’ and your location. If you have an international business you can create multiple listings in various different countries.

Some Free Ads companies won’t allow businesses to post listings but you can get around this by listing in different categories and offering a free service which might include free business training or information. You can often list a website also and get some free visits and even opt-ins if you target your keywords carefully. Your visitors will find you from the search on the freeads website so make your title as targeted as possible and use as many keywords (which explain your business) as possible. Some keywords will automatically flag you up as a spammer so avoid ones like ‘work from home’ and ‘make money online’ if this proves a problem.

Once you have created an advert and it is approved, you can find more free ad websites which offer the same service and create multiple listings to gather leads for your business. Don’t expect a huge amount of traffic from each one since these are free-ads and have hundreds of listings. However to find your listing people will be proactively searching for your keywords and so they are targeted visitors. By creating multiple listings in a wide range of free ad sites and by using various keywords across the board, you can build a trickle of interested parties to show your business to. Keep doing this on a regular basis to take full advantage of this method. You can do this on other sites too such as E-bay and Gumtree to generate several trickles of sales leads. See how to get free targeted traffic from ebay.

To learn more about building your own sales funnel and generating affiliate sales on an automated website take a look at this video.

Here’s my quick video explaining how to generate leads for network marketing or affiliate marketing. Please add a comment below if you have anything (useful) to add!

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