How to generate leads for free

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Learning how to generate leads for free is therefore an important aspect of selling or promoting online products and services – or off-line products and services too, for that matter.

Free lead generation isn’t the only way to go of course and paying for leads isn’t such a bad thing depending on what you have to sell. Free lead generation tends to be more time consuming and labor intensive, whereas paid for advertising can generate leads while you are away from the computer. Which is more valuable to you…time or money? Either way there are options to use some time and some money which will suit you. In general, free lead generation will take longer and paid for advertising can be simply like turning on a tap to your landing page. Free leads generation tends to be more of a trickle which builds with time according how much you work on it.

Here is a simple technique which works if you have a landing page and products to sell. Click here if you need these. You will need a couple of programs which are free to join and to take 5 minutes each day to add content to your programs. These will then be syndicated out through social media with a box appearing at the bottom which advertises your landing page. Ideally you will need social media accounts with Linkdin, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus and be connected to as many people as possible through these.

Use a website called to find articles of interest to your market niche. Copy the url into and create a sales box which links to your landing page. Then use the box for to syndicate this out to your social media networks at predetermined times throughout the week. All these programs are free and you can create a continuous flow of relevant and useful articles using this method which you can credit with your link at the bottom each time. Check out the video below which shows how this is done.

This is just one simple method for generating free leads and can be used as well as a number of other methods. For more information on building your own internet business and to learn how to generate income from list building see this link (and access free download).

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