How To Generate Income From A Blog

Are you wondering how to generate income from a blog? There are a couple of ways to generate income from a blog but both involve generating traffic or visitors to your blog. If you don’t have a tracking application on your blog get one so you can see how many visits you are getting, and how they are finding you. I use which has a free plugin for wordpress websites. This will show you how your visitors are finding you through your various keywords on your articles.

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There are many ways to generate income from a blog but I will discuss the two most popular methods.

Method 1: Google Adsense offers a program which you can join and which allows you to place a code on your blog throughout all your articles. When a visitor clicks on your advert, you will earn a small commission. This is likely to be only pennies, depending on the topic of your blog. For a website which directs traffic (visitors) to Forex companies, for example, you will earn more per click than for, say a self defense course advert. Your blog topic will determine what adverts Google places on your website. The key to generating a good income from adsense is getting many people to your blog. If you only have 10 visits a day and only one of those people click on your advert, you might make 5 pence! If you have 1000 times that amount, (10,000) people, and you get a similar percentage clicking on your adverts you would earn 1000 times as much – £50. That’s still not much but it’s passive income – if you can get 1000 visits a day to your blog. Google will also track where your clicks are coming from and will ban anyone misusing this program by clicking on their own adverts or getting someone else to click on them.

Method 2: Another method used by bloggers is to have a product or service to promote to your visitors and this is sometimes used in conjunction with Google adsense. Selling affiliate products through your blog is how many bloggers make their blogging pay. See what is affiliate marketing. You do of course need to find or create a product to sell. There are thousands of products which have been created already for blogs in almost every niche. Take a look at to see just a few of them. You can promote any product from this site and use the marketing materials already provided by the product vendor. Creating your own products and marketing materials will of course take longer and you still need to promote and sell them. Using a product which has already proven itself is a much better bet than trying to sell your own products initially. Ideally you should choose products which are already selling well, have good reviews and some good marketing material already made for you.This way you can simply put it on your blog and focus on generating more traffic by writing or creating videos etc.

Traffic Generation

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I know I have already mentioned traffic but it simply is the most important factor when attempting to generate income from a blog. There a a couple of ways to generate traffic to your blog:

1. Free method – Blogging is good cheap method to generate traffic to your blog. However, it is only good if you have the time to do it and you do it in a way which brings in traffic. There are countless bloggers who are probably blogging about similar things to you. Google is merciless when it come to ranking blogs and doesn’t give a hoot about your plans! You need to make your blog stand out, but also target the right keywords so you don’t get drowned out by the competition. See this article on finding long tail keywords. Targeting long tail keywords which are less competitive allows you to rank your blogs on Google and get found on the first page. If you make an effort to research your article titles before writing them, and write for the less competitive keywords, you will be much more likely to rank on the first page, get more visitors and therefore clicks or sales from your blog. Of course you can also link build for free from other sites in your niche and create video content to build traffic from sites like YouTube. Social media marketing also provides opportunities for generating traffic for free to your blog. On the whole free marketing takes time and effort and can’t be scaled like paid for advertising can.

2. Paid method – Paid advertising brings targeting visitors directly to your blog. It is like turning on a tap! However if you are only selling small value items or only using adsense to get clicks through your advertising, it will be very difficult to make money after your advertising costs are paid. By selling high ticket items this makes advertising more viable.  Paid advertising really works best with affiliate products. The advantage of paid advertising is that it takes less effort to bring in visitors to your site, you can target specific demographics like age, interests and geographical area (on Facebook for example) and also keywords when using Adwords paid advertising. See how to use Facebook to promote your business. You can also scale up a paid advertising campaign once it is proving itself. This gives it an advantage over free methods.

Generating Income by Selling Memberships

Learn more about how to market your online business, how to sell high ticket products and how to generate a sustainable income from multiple income streams by selling memberships. By selling memberships you are making a monthly income for each sale rather than a ‘one-off’ sale, and you are selling high ticket items which will help offset your advertising costs. Learn more here. Membership sales are a great way to monetize your blog and make a sustainable income from blogging.

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